Gambling Can Benefit Brain Health

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( — August 14, 2017) — August 14, 2017) – Gambling is a sort of gaming. According to “An Introduction to the Science of Games”, game play is an important part of the human behavior. It not only prepares us for the challenges encountered later in life, but also goes beyond in enhancing our daily lives in unforeseen ways. It even goes beyond personal development as it brings people together, which is shown in millions of people who follow international sports competitions so closely and intensely, without it affecting their survival.

Other than being a statement of one’s lifestyle and even personality traits, games are an efficient tool to practice or develop new skills and enhance our mental abilities.

As we get older, we stop using some parts of our brain which can lead to senility as these areas become weaker. Extensive research has been done to inquire why the human brain deteriorates faster in some people. The study results show that people who keep themselves busy have a stronger tendency to retain their capabilities and therefore maintain a younger mind.

Gambling is an activity that seems to bring very good results in keeping the mind sharp. People in their 80s that have been playing poker for years have shown better results compared to people who had spent their time fishing or gardening after they retired.

There results make sense since poker is an activity that engages several parts of the brain, but is also a valuable social experience, as the player also needs to maintain a conversation during the game, and bluffing and joking do their part in keeping these brain areas lubricated.

Black Jack is another table game that can enhance the brain since it involves the use of short-term memory, which is a great workout against senility. There’s a lot more to Black Jack than what people think. It is not about just getting the best hand, but it is about knowing how each card affects both the player’s and the dealer’s hand, so it requires knowing the odds and having a good memory.

So, as long as you gamble with the money you can afford to lose, and not with the money you need to cover your living expenses, while being a fun activity, gambling can also become a great help in keeping your brain healthy.

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