Experts Reveal Berberine Has Scientifically-Tested Health Agents

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( — August 15, 2017) Orlando, FL — Many plants contain abundant levels of powerful health-based agents, which include berberine. Today, there are quite a number of researchers who are investigating the possible therapeutic effects of this compound.

Experts reveal berberine may have scientifically-tested health agents. This compound can be found in various plants such as Oregon grape, barberry, goldenseal, and Chinese golden thread.

According to researchers, this compound has a long history of 3,000 years of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Modern medicine is now trying to scientifically prove its possible health benefits, which many people have already believed to exist for ages.

In some studies, berberine has been found to be useful in improving learning and memory as well as for gut health. It may also be potentially useful in improving the gut microbiome. It also has possible anti-diabetic properties that may help improve blood sugar balance. Further, it has a high potential in fighting infections and various other conditions.

In diabetic animal studies, it has been found that this compound may potentially improve memory by stimulating cholinergic enzyme activity and reducing inflammation. It may even offer an ability to slow or cease the destruction of neurons in individuals with decreased blood flow to the brain. It is believed to be neuroprotective against strokes and may even be useful for sufferers of neuro-inflammation-associated disorders.

It is further worth mentioning that berberine is believed to have an anti-diarrheal property. It may even aid in reducing leaky gut, which is characterized by intestinal epithelial tight junction damage. In this study, the researchers used a mouse model of endotoxemia.

Individuals who suffer from depression may also want to take into account the use of this compound. According to some experts, it may potentially increase the levels of key neurotransmitters in the hippocampus as well as the frontal cortex of the brain.

The researchers further revealed that it may inhibit an enzyme called monoamine oxidase A, which breaks down serotonin.

Inflammation has long been recognized to be detrimental to health when it becomes chronic. This is why consumers are advised to ensure they are able to regulate the inflammation levels in their bodies. Berberine has been thought to have anti-inflammatory abilities.

In a Chinese study using mice, it was found that berberine was able to reduce inflammation from dust mite allergens. This compound may also decrease inflammation of the airways, which is caused by cigarette smoking inhalation.

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