Study Finds Magnesium Potentially Useful in Fighting Chronic Pain

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( — August 23, 2017) Orlando, FL — Pain relievers are normally resorted to by individuals who suffer from pain. However, there are actually safer pain management alternatives, such as the use of certain minerals.

Study finds magnesium is potentially useful in fighting chronic pain. There are many people who suffer from nerve pain due to certain health issues. There are medications available that are formulated to fight inflammation and pain.

These medications are widely available in the international market. They are even considered to be an easy and effective way to ease pain. However, it can’t also be denied that these pharmaceutical drugs could cause adverse effects.

There are pain relievers that are more likely to produce side effects when used in high doses, frequently, or on a long-term basis. This is why it is always best to explore safer pain management treatments, such as simply nourishing the body with adequate amounts of magnesium.

In a study from 2010 conducted by the Journal of Physiology, it was suggested that magnesium could decrease nerve pain in human subjects.

It is important to understand that the brain chemical called N-methyl-D-aspartate or NMDA triggers the occurrence of nerve pain when it is overstimulated. Researchers suggest that this miracle mineral could help settle the NMDA as well as ease chronic pain.

Magnesium can be found in many plant-based foods. There are many health experts that recommend increased intake of these edible items to increase magnesium levels in the body.

However, there are also easier and more effective options like the use of supplements. Supplements have long been thought to contain abundant levels of magnesium. They are easy to take and are normally safe to use.

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