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( — August 24, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — Leading South Jersey web design and digital media agency, DotCom Global Media, conducted an in-depth analysis on websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Margate NJ. This information was intended to serve as a resource for business owners and web designers looking to create or redesign a website for a business located in Margate NJ.

Although Margate, NJ has a lighter population than other nearby beach towns, its business scene is alive and well. There is a flurry of activity in summer that lasts late into fall. Margate is a second home to many upper middle class families who travel there each year. The exquisite beaches make Margate, New Jersey a popular place for beach lovers, retirees, and young families to visit.

There are no established hotels in Margate, so the vacation home and rental business is booming. Margate’s real estate is a lucrative industry since visitors are looking year round for rentals. Restaurants, shops, and the entertainment are hot in Margate. Annual events attract thousands of visitors including “Beachstock” and “Fall Funfest”. Also, the famous Lucy the Elephant, a 65-foot wooden elephant, is an iconic attraction where visitors can tour inside of the structure and find souvenirs in the historic shop.

If you’re opening a business in Margate, you still shouldn’t count on the location itself. To draw customers to your business, you need to establish and maintain a strong online presence. A great website will help your business stand out and put your information in front of the right people at the right time. Don’t underestimate the need to design and develop your website the right way.

While the businesses themselves in Margate NJ are all around impressive, their online presence is a different story. A number of local business websites were evaluated, ranked, and graded for their website design and onsite marketing efforts in a recent study of the Best and Worst Margate NJ Website Design. Based on the results of this study, the local websites are a poor representation of Margate’s current business environment. Most of these businesses websites are seriously underperforming. What this means in the big picture is that these companies are operating on borrowed time. As technology continues to expand and algorithms adapt, business websites must respond in order to compete for attention online and targeted traffic. 

Three websites were named as the best across this town. Many others were grouped together as “high potential,” or were added to the dreaded list of the worst websites across town. The findings were based on a thorough analysis of each website, using a methodical evaluation process.

Here is a list of all websites evaluated for this town. Grades and comments were published on the article, which is on the web design blog.

The top three websites in Margate NJ scored the highest overall:

1. Lucy the Elephant

2. Margate Has More

3. Thomas H. Heist Insurance Agency

Next, the websites with the highest potential were ranked in order. Websites in this section usually have earned a grade of C or D, and sometimes F. Any F-level websites that are included on this list were likely categorized as “high potential” based on the overall value or reputation of the business. On a rare occasion, a B-level website will find itself onto the high potential list, but only if the town or county had a better than average selection of business websites.

Here are the websites that earned good or average grades, and/or were labeled as High Potential:

4. Scout Clothing & Décor

5. Heritage Surf and Sports

6. Teal Cruises 

Last, there are a number of websites that scored the lowest in this town or county:

7. Diamond Limousines

8. Hawkeye Property Management

9. Jersey Coast Insurance

10. Leeds Builders

11. Island Dental

12. Downbeach Dental

13. Playgroups Plus

14. NJ Yoga Zone

15. Giovanni’s Handkerchiefs

16. Pet Salon

17. Blue Water Marina

18. Ray Scott’s Dock

This comprehensive study is one in a series of location-specific published works. The complete NJ Website Design series provides applicable insight for business owners in towns throughout New Jersey. The website designers and content managers who contributed to this study provided comprehensive notes for each featured business. 

This study was conducted by the team of experts at DotCom Global Media, an established company that specializes in the field of website design and digital marketing. This company has been active for over twenty years and is widely recognized as an authority in digital media.

DotCom CEO, Sam Natello, states there are many features that make website design great and effective. Top scores go to beautiful websites that have useful information and are doing the types of things that make them attractive to Google, while also providing a positive user experience.

“We have incredible businesses here in New Jersey,” said owner Sam Natello, joined by his wife and business partner, Anna. The husband and wife team lead a staff of web designers, content writers, and social media managers from their office in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Sam expressed concern with the reality that this study has helped bring to light. “I was shocked and disappointed by the number of poor websites that we found. Some great restaurants and really cool shops have a terrible online presence. I’m surprised they are hanging on today,” Sam continued.

Outdated websites are very bad for business, whether or not the business sells products or services online. Not only will a poor website design have a negative impact on online traffic, but it will also impact foot traffic. The less compelling and user friendly your website is, the less visitors you will see coming through your doors. Pre-purchase activity is done via smartphone at least half of the time. Many are searching en route to determine where they will go for the products or services they’re in the market for. 

The employee who is spearheading the NJ website design study has a message for business owners. Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, a content manager at DotCom Global Media and the owner of an e-commerce clothing company, knows firsthand how important the Internet is for business.

“Your business website is either helping you reach your sales goals, or it’s hurting you. There is no neutral,” Rhapsody says. “Search traffic data shows that people are checking online before visiting a new place or making a purchase. Your first impression is made when they find you online, or if they don’t find you at all. Even if you’re a one location, brick-and-mortar store, pay close attention to your online presence.”

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