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( — August 24, 2017) Kobe, Hyogo — Ambit Energy Reviews has released its first review to the public. The organisation formed out of a desire to ensure that potential customers wanting to switch electric companies, or gas companies, would have the best information possible. To do this they are talking to a diverse and very wide range of Ambit customers and consultants.

Through recording videos of each testimony and then uploading them to key web properties they are making it possible to access real experiences. Each review is done on camera so that potential customers can get the fullest impression possible.

With Ambit working as an MLM people often only come into contact with it via a friend or an associate. Something which can make getting a sound impression challenging. By drawing together various testimonials from different people who all have first hand experience of Ambit it becomes easier for people to build a quality mental view.

Through building that mental picture from a wide range of customer reviews they can understand with greater ease if Ambit would be a quality company to use for themselves.

Whilst there have been a wide range of testimonials and comments visible regarding Ambit for a long time there has also been a lot of disinformation too. Alongside that has been misrepresentation and a huge lack of clarity on things.

Why Ambit Energy Reviews Was Created

Ambit Energy Reviews is working to help people across the board by changing that situation, by ensuring the presence of quality information and truth. Through taking first hand testimony of verified customers and consultants, quality responses and information have been brought together to help people understand better. To help them gain a truthful picture of using Ambit. Their YouTube channel is stated as being one of the major resources to help people navigating the deregulated energy market and can be found at

Whilst the group has only just released the first review they have recorded they are working hard to release a large volume of testimonials on video within the next month. In order to support this they have been working tirelessly to arrange the filming and talking to of verified Ambit Energy users in a concentrated period of time.

Only Testimony From Verified Customers And Consultants Is Taken

They stress the point that they are only gathering testimony from people that can be verified as being customers or consultants of Ambit. As such they are refusing to take any type of review from anyone unable to substantiate their claim of experience. This is in order to maintain purity in the information they wish to share with those who need it.

Whilst there is a wealth of information and testimony already on the internet regarding Ambit and what people think of them, much of that information has issues in terms of misrepresentation and misinformation. Often situations have lacked clarity which creates the fuller picture, whilst in other cases the information has been noted as being sensational hype which is far from true.

By sharing only truthful and verifiable testimony Ambit Energy Reviews does a lot to help those serious about discovering whether or not using Ambit for their electric and gas service provision is the right thing to do.

Bringing Truth One Testimonial At A Time

The first testimonial comes from Ambit user Stephen Frost. In this first video Stephen shares his experience of being an Ambit customer. One of the notable things he focuses on in his review is the backing for his decision to actually switch to using their services as an electricity supplier.

The fact that Ambit has a collection of J.D. Power awards for it’s customer service was a point which he feels significantly noteworthy. Having done his own investigations he came to a strong understanding of how challenging it is to gain those prestigious awards. Thus how gaining multiple of them yearly for a long period of time shows quality reason to view Ambit as a quality company.

Yet for him this was only one reason to believe that they were the right choice for him and his family when changing energy supplier. He comments further in his video how when taking time to reflect on their business model he could see amazing sense in working the way they do. In his view they operate in such a way as to put the customer first and do so in an amazing way.

Ambit Energy Reviews Created To Help People

This first review is just one of the many that will be helping the great many people seeking to decide what course of action to take for themselves. Every month thousands upon thousands come into contact with Ambit in various locations. Yet lack of quality information has held many back from making fully informed decisions. Ambit Energy Reviews is now changing that and with the various testimonials it has ready will release more and more so as to help those people seeking to switch energy provider to make quality fully informed decisions. Those interested can see the Facebook group at [] for more help.

About Ambit Energy Reviews

Ambit Energy reviews brings people the opportunity to view authentic testimony from a balanced audience of Ambit Energy customers & consultants. We help people get quality power information so they can make a properly informed decision when thinking about switching energy provider to Ambit.

Ambit Energy Reviews

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