Ashwagandha Could Potentially Target Multiple Health Problems

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( — September 7, 2017) Orlando, FL — For many people, it is wise to explore what natural remedies like ashwagandha can offer before depending on pharmaceutical drugs, especially when it involves fighting certain diseases and disorders. This natural remedy has been a popular subject of many clinical trials and scientific research studies due to its therapeutic benefits.

Ashwagandha could potentially target multiple health problems. These problems include: stress, toxicity, diabetes, Parkinson’s, skin cancer, tuberculosis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, liver toxicity and many others.

Many pharmaceutical drugs nowadays are found to cause some adverse effects. The risk of these side effects has even been thought to be greater among those who use the medications frequently or on a long-term basis. This is why it is best to consider the use of some safer alternatives like ashwagandha.

The researchers from the Banasthali University found that this natural remedy could protect the liver from lead toxicity. This could be extremely beneficial since the liver is essential for overall health, and it is also susceptible to various threats. By using this herb, consumers would be able to take better care of their liver health. This natural remedy has also been found to be good for brain health.

According to the researchers from Jamia Hamdard University, ashwagandha could decrease oxidative damage linked to brain cell damage. Thus, it could be potentially useful for decreasing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

More research studies have actually been conducted to explore the extent of therapeutic powers of this herb. According to the investigators from the Guru Nanak Dev University, ashwagandha has been able to decrease the death of nerve cells. Such death has been caused by oxidative damage.

The investigators from the National Brain Research Center in India also found that Ashwagandha lessens the beta-amyloid peptides within the brain. As a result, the brain has an increased protection from Alzheimer’s disease.

In a research study conducted in the Asha Hospital in Hyderbad, the researchers had 64 subjects with chronic stress. It was discovered that ashwagandha supplementation for two months has led to a decrease in stress levels by 44 percent. Further in the same study, there was a reduction in anxiety and depression by 72 percent.

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