Tadkin 100-Piece Coloring Gel Pen Set Wows More Consumers

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(Newswire.net — September 11, 2017) Wilmington, DELAWARE — There are many gel pen sets available in the international market today. However, only a few are worth the time and money of consumers. One of the most popular pen sets in the market is offered by Tadkin.

The Tadkin 100-piece coloring gel pen set has wowed many consumers. This product has been getting much attention and praise from international customers. It is equipped with a variety of features that many consumers are seeking.

According to some satisfied customers, they find that using this gel pen collection is truly enjoyable. There are different colors, and some colors come in different shades. For instance, green actually has 13 shades, which are extremely helpful in many art activities.

Tadkin states that one does not even need to drag or exert too much effort in using the pens. This is due to the fact that each pen is equipped with a rollerball point fine tip, which allows the pen to glide effortlessly along the page’s surface.

This set is an excellent tool to use when creating detailed forms of art. For instance, it could be a great coloring material for adult coloring books. These books often offer mandala designs, which can require filling in small edges and detailed geometric designs. The fine tips are quite ideal for the detailed designs of adult coloring books.

This amazing number of color options provides consumers with the opportunity to explore and enhance their creativity skills. While there are many pen sets available in the market today, Tadkin offers a set that has 100 pens in 100 different colors.

According to some satisfied customers, this Ultimate Gel Pen set from Tadkin also does not cause smudging. Each pen is equipped with high-quality ink that eliminates the risk of smudging and mess.

There are those who do not just use these pens in art activities, but also in grading and studying. There are 100 color options to choose from, which include metallic, pastel, neon, and glitter.

Since each pen doesn’t smear, run, or bleed, consumers are able to make beautiful artwork. The pens also have quick-drying ink, which allows consumers to see the artwork they expect. The glitter gel pens make the work shine and they offer vibrancy that could bring creations to life.

There are a variety of art projects that this pen set can be best utilized for, such as sketching, scrap-booking, diarizing, doodling, and adult coloring books. Tadkin wants to make sure that it doesn’t only provide high-quality and amazing pens, but also ones that offer comfort and convenience.

It could be difficult to keep and transport such a large number of pens. The good news is that Tadkin offers ergonomic packaging for every set, which allows consumers to stay organized.  Many consumers truly find this ergonomic carry case to be extremely helpful. They are able to carry the entire set around without any trouble at all. Through this fantastic ergonomic packaging, they are at reduced risk of misplacing or losing any of the pens.

Each gel pen contains ink that is acid-free and non-toxic. Thus, this entire set could be an excellent gift for children and students.

All of these features amaze consumers. While it is true that there are many gel pen collections available in the market, it can’t be denied that Tadkin is one of the few manufacturers that offer such a variety of pens in one set.

At Amazon.com, consumers are able to view the amount of positive feedback for this Ultimate Gel Pen Collection. It only shows how please satisfied customers have been with the product.

Tadkin’s Ultimate Gel Pen Collection is also an ideal gift for artists. This set can be utilized for many different purposes, especially arts and craft projects.


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