Freedom Belt™ Maker Disrupts Traditional Medical Device Mold

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( — September 5, 2017) Durango, CO — There’s a brand new way that medical device customers are being treated, and consumers have been shocked with utter joy at what they’ve been experiencing. A brand new medical start-up, Global Medical Innovations, LLC the maker of the patented Freedom Belt™, has set out to disrupt an entire $30 billion dollar per year surgical drainage industry, one customer interaction at a time.

Until now, most medical devices are typically sold in a box, off the shelf, at a store without any communication whatsoever taking place between the customer and the medical device manufacturer. Long gone are the old days from yesteryear when people can warmly look forward to speaking with someone at the company who genuinely cares about them. This long-lost concept is so far from today’s ice cold internet-based shopping model that’s dominated by behemoths like Amazon. As an extremely far departure from that, Freedom Belt™ customers have been shocked and beyond appreciative when they speak on the phone with a human being. More then that, the interaction is with a physician who truly cares that they receive the very best possible post surgical experience.

Bob B., a satisfied Freedom Belt™ customer from Hartford, Connecticut overwhelmingly agrees with this incredibly surprising sentiment. He said, “Again, specific to your product, please know that it was very helpful to me, and although at first I had concerns about switching back and forth between a leg bag and an overnight bag every day, the much greater freedom of movement and feelings of security with the leg bag – supported by your perfectly designed belt – won me over, and made the entire process less cumbersome and uncomfortable than would otherwise have been the case. Thank you very much for your fine product, and for your concerns and caring.”

Freedom Belt’s inventor and CMO of Global Medical Innovations, LLC had this to say about this radical departure from how medical device business used to be done. “The time is now that consumers who need medical devices should be treated with the same level of care that they would expect to receive from an old very knowledgeable yet warm and caring family physician. Patients as it is are left these days to navigate a vastly complex medical care system that has huge gaps in it, often leaving patients far behind by being left to their own devices, or to consult with everyone’s favorite new ‘expert’ doctor, Dr. Google.

Freedom Belt’s customers have been very frequently in total disbelief at the level of engagement that they receive from our company via a caring physician. Customers have been beyond appreciative and the obvious reason why, is because in this day and age a huge vacuum has been put in place partially due to digital communication and the internet.  That being said, our customers have absolutely loved having direct access to us and this ties directly into Global Medical Innovations, LLC being a patient centric, heart centered company.

Moving forward into the end of 2017 and way beyond, I envision Freedom Belt™ taking off to uplift millions of patients globally that need help. As part of that, the traditional way that medical devices have been utilized by previously ignored consumers will be disrupted and a new mold will be made with the end patient in mind as the priority.”

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Global Medical Innovations, LLC is a Durango, Colorado based medical device company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing products employed in procedures where minimally invasive surgical techniques are utilized. The products are created utilizing a patient-centric approach in a heart centered manner.

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