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(Newswire.net — September 6, 2017) — Tufts University will host a weekend- 2-day HealthyStart™ DENTAL Continuing Education lecture on SLEEP DISORDERED BREATHING and a CHILD’S AIRWAY.  The course will educate and certify dentists and orthodontists to treat with the HealthyStart™ system.   The conference will also allow related medical and childcare groups to join for the purpose of awareness and to best serve children of the Boston area. 

Parents, educators and other related or referring child healthcare professionals are invited to attend the lecture at no cost, for the pure interest in educating the community on a vitally important children’s health epidemic.

Tufts University

Merritt Auditorium, Boston, MA.

Saturday and Sunday

September 23rd and 24th




Nearly 90% of todays’ children, in the industrialized world, may be affected with a compromised airway and diminished health for life- due to a condition called Sleep Disordered Breathing.  SDB, is more pervasive and life altering than most parents know and so rightfully, a health care topic one of great interest to all of us.

This lecture, led by the inventor himself, Dr. Earl O. Bergersen DDS, MSD, ABO, is a continuing education for Dentists and Orthodontists, but also freely invites parents, students, faculty and other professionals that care for children such as Pediatric Sleep Specialists, Pediatricians, Family and General Doctors, ENT’s, Chiropractors, Myo-functional Therapists and our private, public and home school Educators. 

If your child does not breath through their nose and sleep as a nasal breather, they may suffer with life-long health concerns, as a result.   This can be corrected if intervention occurs in their earliest to pre-adolescent stages of growth and development.  It helps to understand why SDB affects so many children and what we can now do to comprehensively address this epidemic with a permanent solution using no drugs, no pain and with no relapse.   

Ortho-Tain®1967, is the World Leader in Orthodontic Appliances, offering the FDA cleared HealthyStart™ Treatment that has been used globally on over 3.5 million children around the world.  It is important to understand why and when to start this treatment. 


We start with a Parents Sleep and Speech Questionnaire.  Notwithstanding our best intentions, 9 out of 10 of our children are identified with one or more habits or outward symptoms connected to their mouth, tongue and breathing patterns, because of the 3 factors below.

1.)    Breast Feeding vs Nipple Bottles, Pacifiers and Soft Processed Foods.  Mother Nature’s breast-feeding, presses the tongue up against and expands the upper-arch of the mouth.   This develops the ongoing tongue posture at the roof of the mouth producing healthy nasal breathing and creating proper jaw space and profile allowing healthy straight teeth to occur without brackets and wires.

2.)    Improper Behaviors Lead to Destructive Oral Habits.   The child that sucks their thumb or fingers, a blanket, hair, objects or routinely rests their face against their hand or palm, may over time, mold and impact their growth, development and detrimentally- their breathing habits. 

3.)    Genetic Traits.  Some children are born with oral- physical development like that of a child’s condition, occurring environmentally.  They will benefit from this treatment equally.

Regardless of the Originating Causes, there are life-long physical effects on the teeth and jaw alignment, even the profile.  More menacing and less treatable after puberty, are the effects on airway and breathing patterns that underlie the list of Outward Symptoms found below.

HealthyStart™ can successfully treat with comprehensive benefits- IF TREATMENT BEGINS EARLY IN A CHILD’S GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AND WITH COMPLIANCE.

 Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Graduate, Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD
“Tufts University is known for their forward thinking, research and TRACKING OF CUTTING EDGE TECHLOGIES.”  To see the interest shown here for the world’s most achieved advances in both the orthodontic and orthopedic development of children is exactly where I would expect to see Tufts illuminated attention.  It will be great to be back on the dental campus and sharing this with the entire community” 

Step #1 Education and awareness. 

Step #2 Training and practice certification. 

Step #3 Community and referring childcare professional education

Step #4 Evaluation of children appropriate for treatment

Step #5 Change lives by giving children the chance to become the Best Versions of Themselves.

HealthyStart™ is the solution.  Register NOW for this rare opportunity hear Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO, lecture at Tufts University with HealthyStart™ Trainer and Premier Provider- Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD.


September 23rd. & 24th. 2017

TheHealthyStart™  844-Kid-Healthy  

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  1. Mouth Breathing
  2. Snoring
  3. ADD/ADHD Like Behaviors
  4. TMJ Issues
  5. Bed Wetting
  6. Academics, Science, Math, Spelling
  7. Restless Sleep
  8. Arrested Growth
  9. Nightmares
  10. Chronic Allergies, Eczema, Asthma
  11. Crowded, Crooked Teeth
  12. Teeth Grinding, Bruxing
  13. Tooth Decay Dry Mouth
  14. Overbite/Overjet, Malocclusions
  15. Dark Circles Under Eyes
  16. Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
  17. Aggressive Behavior, Irritability, Depression, Anger, Headaches
  18. Daytime Sleepiness

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