12 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram

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(Newswire.net — September 7, 2017) — Instagram managed to acquire 150 million active users faster than any other social network – with the exception of Google+ which already had an established platform to utilize. Now over 65 percent of the world’s top 100 brands are actively using it for photo and video sharing, and its popularity is still rising.

But if this doesn’t convince you, here are 12 other compelling reasons why your business should sign up for an account as soon as possible:

  1. Enhances Content Quality: Photos and videos are Instagram’s natural mediums. High quality, original visual content will be your passport to attracting and engaging an audience. With Instagram’s selection of filters, you can bring life into otherwise mediocre content, and thus enhance its quality.

  2. It’s Completely Free: Like all of the mainstream social media platforms, it is incredibly cost effective to grow your Instagram. While you can pay a small fee if you want to run sponsored ads, use it wisely and you’ll never have to pay a penny.

  3. Boosts Branding: The ability to edit images using Instagram’s filters can provide you with a visual theme that complements your brand’s personality and values in a way that will resonate with your followers. At the heart of it, Instagram’s rich visual content will connect with your audience on an emotional level and bring your brand to life.

  4. Humanizes Your Product or Service: Photo-centric platforms such as Instagram are just as effective for service-based brands as they are for physical products. By sharing project and staff photos and using short-form videos to answer questions, you will put a human face to your business. Never forget, people like doing business with people, not faceless brands.

  5. Provides Access to Free User-Generated Content: Instagram provides easy access to this content for re-purposing. User generated photos and videos are a great way to extend your reach to your followers’ followers.

  6. Helps You Form Relationships: People tend to forget that business is about building emotional connections with customers. Instagram has the highest engagement rates; therefore, you will [generally] receive more comments and messages than on other networks. This provides the perfect opportunity to really harness the “social” element of social media.

  7. Built For Marketing: Unlike its parents, FaceBook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t use algorithms to determine what your followers see. Every post is displayed and remains active in your gallery. Instagram Direct is also a great way to connect with your audience on customer service issues in a secure one-on-one environment. Additionally, sponsored advertising will enable you to tactically target audiences.

  8. Easy to Acquire Feedback: Instagram makes asking questions and soliciting feedback very easy and will assist in refining your marketing strategy. This can also open up a public dialogue with your followers, which again, emphasizes the “human” aspect of your brand.

  9. Complex Analytics and Partner Apps: Analytics such as Iconosquare enable you to identify when your audience is most active, track gained or lost followers, and analyze your optimal posting times.

  10. Integrates With Other Networks: It’s super easy to seamlessly integrate your Instagram feed with Twitter and FaceBook, allowing you to get the best of both worlds: quality images and brand recognition across the whole social media spectrum.

  11. Drives Traffic: Leveraging Instagram’s high energy and engagement levels to drive traffic to your website or blog can be done in two ways: by incorporating an active link in your bio, or by advising followers to click on the link in the comments section. You can also change this link as often as you wish in order to accommodate your customer acquisition strategy

  12. Fun to Use: Most importantly, Instagram is a fun and creative way to get your brand out to the masses.

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