Surrey BC Jewellery Shop Saves Customers Thousands by Dealing Direct

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( — September 10, 2017) Surrey, BC — Jewellery Clinic of Surrey, BC has had exceptional growth this year so far in 2017, and has also continued their mission to save customers thousands of dollars by dealing directly with them. The shop handles all kinds of repairs, reproductions, custom work, plating, engraving and it buys gold, buys silver, and also diamonds. All of these services are done on site at their convenient location in North Surrey.

Without having to deal with a middleman or having to search for a jeweller in Surrey that can handle their requests without having to wait weeks while their pieces are sent out, customers get fast service and can save money at the same time. This is unlike many local jewellery shops that have to outsource repairs to another location. The Jewellery Clinic has a workshop on site which allows them to work on all repairs in their own location without the need for shipping rings or other pieces of jewellery to another source.

Many jewellers in BC already use Jewellery Clinic for their customers’ repairs, resizings and replatings. Customers can go directly to the Jewellery Clinic instead and save money as well as time. They can have confidence that their precious possessions will not get lost or damaged in the mail.

Ring restoration is among the many services they provide. It is a process that involves a careful initial assessment. Different steps must be taken to restore each item and the professionals will let their customers know exactly what steps they must take before the customer leaves the item in their caring hands. An analysis can be done while customers wait.

Gold, silver and platinum repairs are also handled by the Clinic using the latest techniques. Their on-site goldsmith uses all the best materials and equipment to get all repairs done perfectly. All repairs are done on time and at prices that cannot be matched. They can also do rhodium re-plating and make custom jewellery pieces. Ring resizing, ring engraving and other engravings are available, and all work is explained in detail to ensure customer satisfaction and full transparency at all times.

The Jewellery Clinic has been in business since 2001 and respects the traditions of jewellery making and repairing that has been in the family for ages. They’ve built a solid reputation in Surrey that can be easily confirmed with many stellar online reviews, and they are highly regarded in the local industry as reliable providers of jewellery repairs and custom designs.  By making the decision to open their workshop direct to the public, they have provided a valuable resource for anyone seeking to have their precious jewellery repaired, altered, or something entirely new created using 3D imaging. They are also a member of the Canadian Jewellery Association and accredited by the Diamond Council of America.

If 2017 so far is a benchmark to base future growth from, this successful jewellery shop is on track to have a record year of growth and enter 2018 very strongly. To find out more about Jewellery Clinic – visit their website at

About Jewellery Clinic

Here at Jewellery Clinic in Surrey BC, we have proudly respected and represented the Family jewellery tradition and its quality standards since 2008. We are an established family business with a proper address you are welcome to visit anytime and with people you can easily talk to. We do jewellery repairs, custom jewellery design such as engagement rings, ring resizing, gold chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings and so on. We also buy gold and buy silver, and also buy diamonds. We are Surrey’s best goldsmiths for many years now. Among our multiple services you can count on high quality repair service for jewellery, watches, and clocks. All of our work is carried out with the highest standards in mind by qualified and skilled craftsman. We even offer a guarantee on all of our work! We also offer FREE estimates and our charges are based on a sense of pride in our work and confidence in our skill. We are competitively priced while maintaining a high standard of workmanship. We also design custom jewellery, resize rings and buy gold and silver. We eliminate the middleman so you don’t have to visit a local jewellery store and have them ship it out to us, rather you can just come here directly and save a lot of money dealing directly with us instead! You won’t believe the savings by dealing direct! We are a small company which means that each item you send to us is treated with exceptional care and attention, each detail critiqued and each piece respected in the way your jewellery deserves. We stand by all of our repairs and creations with only the highest standard being the bar we set our craftsmanship by. Our goal is to offer personal service to each person and company we do business with, aiming towards building lasting, mutually rewarding partnerships! We invite you to take the time to try our company and see for yourself how high our standards are, how excellent our craftsmanship is, and why our longevity persists.

Jewellery Clinic

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