Experts Reveal How Osteoarthritis Sufferers Can Get Restful Sleep

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( — September 19, 2017) Orlando, FL — Osteoarthritis is known by the pain, immobility, and some other symptoms it causes. However, it appears that sufferers of this condition are prone to other problems.

Experts reveal the secrets for having restful sleep that osteoarthritis sufferers could benefit from. Individuals with the condition are usually susceptible to the vicious cycle of being in pain. This pain happens anytime, and when it does during night time, sufferers struggle.

Pain keeps sufferers awake all night as they are normally unable to find a comfortable position. Those who lack sufficient sleep are susceptible to experiencing more pain the next day.

In the United States, osteoarthritis affects about 27 million people. Thus, it is easy to assume that many end up being unable to sleep soundly. The good news is that there are certain remedies sufferers can resort to.

One is to rule out sleep apnea. It is no secret that obesity is one of the risk factors of osteoarthritis. However, it is also linked with sleep apnea. Experts suggest that sufferers should treat apnea to achieve sleep quality, which may also result in pain reduction.

According to Michael J. Breus, PhD, sleep experts, it could also be helpful to change sleep positions. It could be best for arthritis sufferers to sleep on their back, especially those who have back pain.

It could be difficult to tell people how to maintain a certain sleep position at night. However, it is also important to remember that the ideal position may depend on which joints are affected by pain.

Choosing the right sleeping surface could be useful. There are individuals who have difficulties sleeping due to the fact that their mattress is stiff and hard. Having such a mattress could be extremely disadvantageous to individuals with osteoarthritis.

Experts suggest sufferers should look for a mattress that has the potential to offer relief from pressure. It should also be one that conforms to the shape of the body. Pillows can also be used against discomfort.

Another remedy is to use a pain reliever. There are many medications available for individuals with osteoarthritis, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

These medications could be quite helpful in temporarily reducing pain and inflammation. There are even osteoarthritis sufferers who believe this type of medication is helpful in improving their mobility.

There is, however, a drawback in using these medications. NSAIDs could potentially cause side effects.

The good news is that there are natural alternatives available, such as glucosamine. This natural remedy is believed to be a safe alternative to medications, and is one of the best joint health enhancing supplements.


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