10 Hidden Instagram Tricks Everyone Should Know

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(Newswire.net — September 17, 2017) Holladay, UT — Instagram has totally replaced Snapchat with the introduction of special features like face filters and stories, now Snapchat has become the talk of recent past. Instagram is playing a crucial part in our daily lives and no one can get out from its cocoon easily. Basically, it’s a photo sharing social App but its special features like filters, stories, and face filters make us glued to use these. Instagram has actually spiced up our social networking activities. Everyone has been using Instagram all the time without considering some important tricks, perhaps you also have missed them out while using this App.

In this time of competition, you must have your own identity to stand straight instead of blindly following the rest. For this, rather buying followers from well-known sites, you should follow a lawful way to increase your followership. This armour proper widens your brand’s authenticity. You should follow this if you wish to achieve your Instagram following as a B2B Company. These 10 hidden invisible tricks help you to change your outlook about Instagram usage.

1) Use Instagram Automation Tools

Smart brands use tools to create organic growth with engagement via Instagram Automation tools such as Sara.agency and others. 

2) Custom Keywords

Due to many unavoidable reasons, we have to make our account public, as a right we might get some undesirable comment from random people. Here we have a simple solution for this.

In Instagram’s setting panel there is an option ‘Comment’, just click on it and choose to hide the inappropriate comment. Now your problem is solved.

3)  Linking Account

You may not know the actual benefits of linking accounts. Here you go, linking accounts will help you while sync your contacts on another side, as linking your Facebook account with Instagram will help you locate your Facebook contacts reachable on Instagram.

4) Tag Location

Location specific search is also possible on Instagram. For this, you have to go to search and see that “location” option. Click on “location” and selection will help you to grab Instagram posts from that. Your nearby location is your default location. So you can check what your near crowd is busy with.

5) Get Notification of Your Followers

In some cases, if you don’t want to miss even a single post from (such as @ make use of, perhaps?) then enable notifications on that account. For this, you need to go to the profile of your targeted account you wish to get notifications for using the Instagram App.

Press the options (“……”) button at the top right of the screen, then select “Turn on Post Notifications”. This function will enable the desired feature. If you want the continuous flow in the future, then always select “Turn off the post notifications”

6) Post Editing

Many people usually apply photo filter and upload photo without applying other effects. Here come Instagram’s miracles. A vast range of photo editing options helps you to make changes whatever you want. No one can deny the fact that “duplicate is far better than the original” and it is very much true for Instagram.

7) Hashtags

Hashtags are the secret success keys of the Instagram world. With this you have easy access to the other users, to find you content of interest, and to photo for those who are looking for them. These hashtags are only fruitful only if you know them fully otherwise you will not get the cherished result.

8) Making Your Post Interesting

Linking of recent Apps is making Instagram a continuous source of fun and creativity. Proper use of Emojis and hashtags will get you more likes and followers. Instagram software engineer Thomas Dimson claims that half of the comments and captions are mere Emojis. These two features save your time and text and express your thought more effectively.

Your friends’ short looping videos are no more a wonder. Boomerang App (available for iOS and Android) is the secret behind these short looping videos. This software allows the users to run their short videos over and again on your friends feed. This App will add beauty to your Instagram account and attract much more followers.  

Hyper lapse (available for iOS and Android) is another third party App for Instagram users to easily upload their time lapse video to Instagram. The main feature of this App is stabilization that keeps the quality of your videos high while you are traveling on a bumpy road or walking in a leisure mood holding your phone in your hands.

9) Make Use of Tools      

There are some hidden methods of making your account go work on Instagram but there are some other precious and obvious ways which are also present that can boost up your profiles quite rapidly. Like, making use of the tools and purchasing likes or followers for the profile has now become the easiest way to gain real followers.  

10) Posting Collages

Till now, collages could be created with the help of third party Apps. Now Instagram has launched a linked App “Layout” (available for iOS and Android). It allows the users to make smooth collages then upload them to Instagram or other social sites. The layout can be accessed through its own Apps or linked to it through your Instagram App just by pressing the collage button while selecting your photo, which needs editing. This new feature makes your internet time a fun filled activity.

When Using Multiple Accounts

Updates of different Apps come with revised versions with many facilities, so as Instagram while using multiple account’s problems is dexterously solved by the recent updates. Linking of multiple Instagram accounts to one is possible, like Twitter, with no need of a repeated sign in and sign out, or using third party apps.

Some people prefer an Instagram for their personal as well as professional account, or they use Instagram for a number of other reasons this feature is very much helpful for them.