Osteoarthritis of the Spine Is More Common Than Originally Thought

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(Newswire.net — September 26, 2017) Orlando, FL — Back pain can be extremely debilitating. While there are medications available, it is imperative for sufferers to know exactly what causes the problem.

Osteoarthritis of the spine is more prevalent than originally thought. There are actually many individuals who do not report or are not diagnosed with back pain. When this symptom happens, sufferers are often prevented from functioning as they should.

This condition can affect various areas of the body, aside from the spine. When it develops, sufferers start having difficulties living life normally. There are even those who can’t sleep at night due to this disease.

According to studies, four out of five adult individuals suffer from back pain some time time in their lives. It has actually become a growing problem considering that the aging population in the United States is growing.

Experts reveal that osteoarthritis normally develops in individuals who are beyond 40 years old. Unfortunately, this condition targets the spine.

Debra K. Weiner, M.D., University of Pittsburgh pain specialist, states that it is a $64,000 question to ask if osteoarthritis is responsible for the nation’s back pain. It is important to remember that osteoarthritis is normally just a piece of the puzzle, while back pain is a complex condition.

Osteoarthritis is often called as the disease affecting the joints, many of which can actually be found in the back. The vertebrae is the 33 bones that makes up the spine. The sacrum contains five of the lower vertebrae that are fused together.

There are four bones that form the tailbone, while the rest are connected by the facet joints. It is also worth mentioning that every vertebrae has disks, which are cushion-like pads.

These disks work by protecting the spine as well as giving it flexibility. Within the column of the vertebrae is where the spinal cord is located. The spine typically has an S shape. However, it is susceptible to osteoarthritis, especially in its lumbar region.

According to Michael Marks, M.D., a spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, it often produced a constant burden on the spine.

The aging process triggers the wear and tear of the joint cartilage. The disks in the spine, on the other hand, get narrow due to water loss. This actually adds pressure on the facet joints, which can result in inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is a painful and debilitating condition. It affects many people from around the world. There are those who even find it difficult to move, engage in simple activities, and even work.

For many individuals with osteoarthritis, it can be difficult to live painlessly on a daily basis. Pain is one of the major symptoms of osteoarthritis, and it can be remedied through certain pharmaceutical drugs and natural supplements.

There are pharmaceutical drugs thought to be helpful in fighting arthritis pain and inflammation. However, sufferers may turn to the use of safer alternatives such as glucosamine.

Individuals who have been living with arthritis are normally no stranger to glucosamine. This natural remedy has actually been believed to be one of the best joint health enhancing supplements available.

Glucosamine has been popularized by its ability to repair cartilage damage. It does so naturally, and thus, it won’t cause side effects.

Pharmaceutical drugs contain substances that are foreign to the human body. Thus, it is only natural that it reacts against these medications.

Arthritis sufferers may incorporate glucosamine in their daily diet.  


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