Staying Motivated When Working Out on Your Own

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( — September 19, 2017) — It’s no secret that many people who create a fitness program lack motivation, especially when working out on their own. Keeping up with your exercise routine and maintaining the momentum can be challenging when you don’t have someone pushing you towards achieving your goals and telling you what to do. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not doable on your own.

Whether you work out at home, regularly go to the gym or prefer outdoor workouts, you’ll need to work hard to keep yourself highly motivated. Here are our simple steps to help you stay motivated and stick to your fitness program.

Plan a Simple Fitness Schedule

One of the main reasons why most of us fail before we even reach our fitness goals is because we don’t develop an effective fitness plan. How many times a week do you plan to work out? What type of exercises are you planning to focus on? Is it strength training or improving your athletic performance? Remember that starting small is always recommended.

According to Move U, if you’re an athlete trying to improve your fitness, your plan has to include the right fitness gear such as comfortable apparel that enables you to workout with ease. Schedule your workout sessions in a simple calendar and stick to your fitness program. You can get one of the many fitness apps available to help keep your workout routine in check.

Create Simple Fitness Goals

When you work out without the guidance of a personal trainer, sometimes it’s easy to fall into a slump. When working out on your own, you want to create simple goals for yourself. Start with small goals to keep your fitness plan exciting. By frequently achieving these small goals, you’ll enjoy the little bursts of accomplishments that will motivate you even more.

Whether you’re a performance athlete or an individual who wants to keep fit, personal fitness is not about proving a point to anyone. You can start with anything from 10 pushups every morning, engage in short morning runs or even sign up for some competitive events over the weekend to keep fit. Anything that challenges you to achieve a specific goal can motivate you.

Make it Fun

Your workout routine can either be fun or just a day-to-day routine. If your fitness program doesn’t involve any engaging exercises, you’re likely to get bored at some point. There are numerous ways to make exercising fun instead of repetitive and boring. Activities like sports or engaging in physical activities like cycling are a good start.
Anytime you feel like slowing down with your workout routine, consider trying something different. Check out the local martial arts center, sign up for boxing fitness exercises, join a yoga class or a holistic health club. If it’s fun to do, you’ll be more willing to stick to your fitness program.   

Reward Yourself Regularly

You don’t have to eat candy every time you achieve a fitness goal. Getting a more tangible reward for yourself for every small or big achievement you make will keep you motivated. Think of something like a new pair of running shoes for your morning runs, a new piece of exercise equipment or go for dinner.  

Join a Fitness Community

While exercising on your own is good, joining a fitness community can be a great motivator. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gym. You could join an online community or join a local fitness group that regularly meets to motivate each other with engaging activities.


Whether your goal is to gain more muscle, lose weight, improve your overall health or tone up, motivation is key to ensuring that you reach your exercise and fitness goals. Go ahead and follow these simple guidelines to help keep you on the right track.