The Pros and Cons of Laser Tattoo Removal

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( — September 20, 2017) — People see tattoos in different ways; as body art, a form of self-expression, even some as a mistake they now regret and want to remove by any means possible.

That significant other they thought would be around forever and then got their name tattooed to their chest eventually didn’t make it to forever and left halfway, so they have to remove their names and move on. That’s just one reason people see tattoo as a mistake.

For some, they want it removed because of a job interview, or a social function, while others just need enough space for something newer.

There are various methods through which tattoos can be removed, but the most widely known, safest and least painful method is the laser tattoo removal method.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re trying to research laser tattoo removal and what to expect from it…so let’s just get to the point. Below are the pros and cons of laser tattoo removal.


1. Relatively painless

Depending on your threshold of pain, some people do not find the laser tattoo removal painful at all.

However, it would be unwise to say you would not feel anything at all because you will. It’s a process that requires an intense beam of light passing through the area of your body housing the tattoo and breaking it down bit by bit. So yes, you would feel some pain, but only slight. And that is the greatest advantage of laser tattoo removal.

Some people have described the little pain as the feeling of oil from a frying pan splattering on the skin or having an elastic band snap on the body.

2. Non-intrusive

Another pro of the laser tattoo removal is that it requires no surgery. There will be no excision and bleeding involved.

It is a quick process and doesn’t take too much time, neither does it require you worrying about long months of painful recovery. As a matter of fact, as soon as you’re done you can go about your normal routine.

3. High success rate

Laser tattoo removal has been recorded to have a high success rate and is effective in removing tattoos of any kind.

The results might not be seen immediately, but with time, it will eventually fade out permanently.


1. Skin irritation

Due to the intense beam of light passing through the affected area of your skin several times, it might turn red and become sensitive to touch, sometimes it even gets inflamed.

To be on the safer side, you’re advised to consult a doctor first before going ahead with a laser tattoo removal procedure.

2. Infection

You’re at a risk of getting an infection if you go by the laser tattoo removal method (although only few people do). This is because the skin becomes inflamed after the procedure and turns itchy while it heals. Itching increases the risk of getting an infection in the inflamed skin area.

You can keep the healing area of your skin hydrated by applying Vaseline or ointment or taking antibiotics prescribed by the doctor so as to reduce the risk of getting infected.

3. Expensive

Laser tattoo removal can be somewhat expensive. But that depends on your preference: if it helps you get rid of that tattoo painlessly and in no time, then it’s probably worth it.

4. Uneven skin colour

When the skin pigment reacts with the powerful laser beam, in very rare cases it leaves the patient with an uneven skin colour.

Exposing the skin to that intense beam may trigger the production of melanin which in turn turns the area darker than the surrounding skin.

Applying sunblock to that area of the skin can prevent it from darkening even more. But as already said, it’s rare, so that’s no big deal.

Comparing the pros with the cons, you’d readily agree that laser tattoo removal is worth it, and is arguably the best – especially safest – tattoo removal method you can choose.