Small Business CMMS Challenges That Can be Solved by Software

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( — September 21, 2017) — All small businesses face different battles and challenge every day, the main one being the art of balancing their people, finances and time to increase the growth and profits of the company. Since most of them are often strapped for adequate resources, they have to make tough decisions on places to invest. Someone who is a manager of maintenance at some small organization, maintaining equipments at their best performance with restrained usage of resources can indeed be a daunting task.

However, The CMMS or the computerized maintenance management systems which are available aren’t only reasonable but they can even help a business save money by automating regular maintenance tasks so as to fight against the daily small business challenges. Read on to know how.

 A CMMS – What does any small business expect from it?

As per Small Business Trends, the professional publication, the top 3 challenges of small-business owners are employees, money and time, because all of these are limited. All businesses face an internal challenge almost every day where they don’t know how to get things done as they don’t have enough manpower and resources to do it. But thanks to CMMS vendors that they are able to provide systems which are tailored to meet the needs of the clients and cloud-based CMMS makes implementation cheaper and quicker.

Reasons for the small business buyers to seek help of CMMS

The Vice President of CMMS vendor Maintenance Connection, Brad Squires is of the opinion that all maintenance departments have some sort of system. There are even departments which don’t use software and which still use a calendar, paper work orders and a spreadsheet to track work. With a modern CMMS, you can fight against the top 3 challenges mentioned by Small Business Trends. Let’s go for a detailed analysis.

#1: Time – The first challenge

If you think time is money, you should know that being able to streamline tasks for the maintenance department can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Using a CMMS software can reduce time of data-entry within few specific fields, appoint work in a more efficient manner with the help of mobile applications and reduce overall downtime. All this is especially useful for a company with different worksites.

#2: Money – The second challenge

The budgets are pretty tight for most of the small businesses and CMMS vendors are pretty aware of this. This is why smaller companies can save more with CMMS. By choosing a system that’s cloud-based, deployment becomes too commonplace and this adds more sense to the smaller companies. Since cloud vendors are quicker and smoother than their on-premise counterparts, getting back to work sooner is easier.

#3: Employees – The third challenge

Smaller business organizations require trusting their employees and when it is in a large scale, one bad apple can have a worse impact on the entire bunch. By using a CMMS, you can increase accountability in the best possible way. You can design separate profiles for each technician or worker and appoint tasks while creating the orders for work. Whenever the manager checks the asset, he can see who is working on which project or who has worked on something in the past. He will also get to know if a technician is not fit for the job and if he requires hiring someone new.

All the small business organizations which still hesitate about implementing CMMS and a preventative maintenance plan should not forget that it is modern software which helps address few of the biggest challenges. If you wish to find the best one in the market, watch out vendors who offer cloud opportunities.