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( — September 28, 2017) Durango, CO — Freedom Belt™ is set to make its way across the pond thanks to the very first sale made in England. This particular sale is also the first that was made to Europe.

As Freedom Belt™ gains increased visibility online, it has also been gaining traction both in the United States, abroad in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. This uptick in interest has demonstrated that catheter patients who live beyond the U.S.A want a product that will give them their freedom back following surgery.

Before Freedom Belt™ entered the market, the vast majority of catheter patients were relegated to using rubber or velcro bands that came with their drainage bags. These cheaply made bands make it impossible for patients to support the volume of fluid that drains into their bags. Other complaints of these bands also include digging into the skin and making it bleed, difficulty to use among those with arthritis in their hands, and difficulties setting up as the drainage bags need to be put on and taken off.

Bob B., a satisfied Freedom Belt™ customer said, “Again specific to your product, please know that it was very helpful to me, and although at first I had concerns about switching back and forth between a leg bag and overnight bag every day, the much greater freedom of movement and feelings of security with the leg bag – supported by your perfectly designed belt – won me over, and made the entire process less cumbersome and uncomfortable than would otherwise have been the case. Thank you very much for your fine product, and for your concerns and caring.”

Harvard trained Dr. Mario Torres- Leon and Freedom Belt™ inventor had this to say about this new achievement, “Freedom Belt’s time has come and people now in England are starting to pay attention. This patient-centric designed post surgical drainage belt system that I developed is here to change people’s lives radically.

When compared with other drainage bag securement devices, nothing else does what Freedom Belt™ can. It’s the only medical device that comfortably helps support up to 8 drainage bags. And because of its fully customizable design, it can easily fit all body shapes and sizes so anyone can easily go back to living life on their terms.

Freedom Belt™ has purposely been made with the most comfortable durable double plush elastic fabric possible. This allows post surgical patients with catheters to go about their day as they need to and even wear it into the night without knowing they are wearing anything at all. Past Freedom Belt™ customers have actually been surprised that this has been the case and that’s just one more reason people really love it.”

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