Experts Warn the Public Against Osteoarthritis Risk Factors

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( — October 10, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are many painful and debilitating conditions that affect millions of people today, and one is osteoarthritis. While knowing the pain management options of the condition is essential, it is also important to understand how it could potentially develop.

Experts warn the public against the risk factors of osteoarthritis development. This condition subjects sufferers to stiffness and pain in the joints. There are symptoms that make this condition a struggle to deal with.

In the United States and United Kingdom, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritic condition. It affects not just the joint cartilage but also the bone tissue adjacent to the cartilage.

Joints take care of allowing the body to move and be flexible without experiencing pain. The cartilage, on the other hand, is the hard, smooth tissue that protects the end of the bones.

The synovial fluid is the small amount of thick fluid that can be found in the cartilage between two bones. It offers lubrication to produce smooth movements between bones.

This fluid consists of the synovium, which is the tissue that surrounds the joint. According to some experts, surrounding muscles and ligaments aid in providing support as well as joint stability.

Some form of repair is a normal process that happens in the joints and joint tissue. The body actually has the ability to do self-repair against damage caused by daily activities.

However, there are those who have impaired self-healing abilities. When wear and tear in the joints are not properly addressed, it could lead to the development of osteoarthritis.

In cases of osteoarthritis, the joint cartilage ends up becoming damaged and worn. It could result in the inflammation of the joints and tissues. This type of inflammation is known as synovitis.

Age is is one of the contributing factors of osteoarthritis. It is important to remember that osteoarthritis is more prevalent in individuals with increasing age.

One of the possible reasons is that there is a reduced efficiency in the state of natural repair mechanisms in the aging population.

Genetics could also play a role in osteoarthritis development. There are individuals who are genetically predisposed to the condition.

Obese individuals are believed to be more prone to osteoarthritis, especially the kind that affects the hip and knee. Osteoarthritis could also be more severe in individuals that are obese.

Obesity is a risk factor due to the fact that increased weight can add more burden on the joints, which could potentially lead to joint damage.

Researchers further found that gender plays a role in the development of the condition as it appears to be more prevalent in women than men. Other risk factors are previous joint injury and occupational overuse of the joint.

These are the risk factors that consumers should try to shield themselves from. There are several ways to reduce one’s risk of osteoarthritis.

One is to use a natural remedy called glucosamine, which occurs naturally inside the body. This ingredient works by repairing cartilage damage, which make it potentially helpful against osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine is widely thought to be one of the most popular joint health enhancing supplements. There are even osteoarthritis sufferers who prefer to use this natural remedy over pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the disadvantages of using pain relievers is that they could cause side effects. Thus, it is easy to assume they are not absolutely safe to use.

Since glucosamine is an all-natural ingredient, it could potentially be a safer alternative to pain medications. It could also be used to strengthen cartilage health.


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