Why Pure Moving Company is the First Mover to Call in Orange County

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(Newswire.net — October 4, 2017) — There are different moving companies that you can contact in Orange County but if we were to take a look at all the reviews that appear online on various resources like Yelp and even personal blogs, the name that keeps coming up is Pure Moving. Slowly but surely, this moving company managed to create a reputation for themselves that is incredibly hard to match.

Pure Moving is a successful moving business with a local focus and constant growth established mainly because of not wanting to hurry the process. The company has accomplished many different things to lead to the current market leader status. The important things are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Satisfied Customers

The success of every single moving company out there is linked to how happy the customers are. Pure Moving has managed to please the majority of clients with spotless services. This was rewarded with over 5000 clients that are now serviced on a yearly basis, which is quite impressive given the fact we are talking about a local moving company.

Reputation keeps growing on a constant basis. Satisfied customers started to refer new business and one by one the company has managed to create a base of lifelong fans that always contact Pure Moving as they require moving services of all kinds.

Moving Everything Professionally

You cannot satisfy so many clients without doing a really good job. This is why Pure Moving invested in the right equipment, that protects the cargo as it is transported to any location that the client needs. The ability to move items safely and in a highly professional manner while taking into account what customers say is the premise of a great company.

Moving License

It is great to notice that people have started to realize that they should only work with the moving companies that are registered and licensed. Pure Moving did all that was needed to get licensed by the reputable California Public Utility Commission. This is very important because of how hard it is for the permits to be obtained. The only way in which the authorities are going to offer the license is to show that the moving company is in a strong financial position with top notch safety being implemented. At the same time, Pure Moving had to prove that it hired people that were not involved in criminal activities in the past and insurance is absolutely mandatory.


If you need to hire a professional mover in Orange County, California, Pure Moving has to be the very first firm that is considered. There are not many other options you can take into account when thinking about the quality of the services offered and the numerous reviews that were offered by past clients. All that you need to do is visit the website, see hundreds of reviews, read about what the company can offer and then ask for a free quote.