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( — October 16, 2017) New York, NY —The REAL Money Doctor Show with Dr Fred Rouse international bestselling author and national award winning Certified Financial Planner is set to debut on YouTube on Wednesday October 18 on TheREALMoneyDoctor channel. 

The first season 13 episodes were recorded this summer by EMMY award winning producer Greg Rollett in his Winter Park Fl studios. The production company recently released the first episode for Dr Rouse’s review.

 “Greg and his Emmy award winning staff did an amazing job putting all of this together” stated Dr Rouse. “They made me extremely comfortable on set and made it a wonderful experience. We’ll see how this goes, but I’m looking forward to recording the second season next summer.” Dr Rouse continued.

 The REAL Money Doctor Show plans on bringing together a number of related topics: Life, Success, Entrepreneurial Business, Retirement Planning and of course everything that relates to Money.

 We understand that Dr Rouse’s experiences of 20+ years of working with select individuals, small businesses, pre-retirees and retirees combined with his street wise knowledge will make the show something that hasn’t been seen before. “This won’t be like those boring retirement planning dinner seminars that make you gag before they put you to sleep” he stated. 

 He continued; “No product pitches! I’ll be exposing what the financial industry does to people as they push their products. I’ll show people how to take control of their life and their money and how to make more money and enjoy their lives. My passion is to show as many people as possible how to Get, Protect and Enjoy, Their Money, Life and Retirement.”

 Dr Rouse seemed confident in fulfilling his bold claims with the show. We’ll all have to take a look at the show on TheREALMoneyDoctor channel to see if he can provide all that he claims.

 About Dr. Fred Rouse:

Dr. Fred Rouse, CFP, the oldest of four, came from a modest blue collar family in South Philadelphia. His entrepreneurial spirt emerged at age 10 when he went door to door painting handrails. He joined the Coast Guard towards the end of the Vietnam War. After 5 years of running small boats for Search & Rescue he left the service and became a Realtor and worked in residential and investment Real Estate for a few years. He went back to school and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist working in rural as well as inner city hospitals in various Trauma and critical care units specializing in ventilator management.

He returned to the entrepreneurial world in1986 selling mutual funds and life insurance while he completed the training to become a Certified Financial Planner. Starting Financial Management Group and working with select individuals and small businesses he focused on taxes and asset protection while working on PhD in Taxation and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He even did a year in law school for some additional background.

In 2015 Dr Rouse co-authored an international best seller Soul of Success with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) and received several national awards. The next year he teamed with Brian Tracy and wrote the course: The Real Money Doctor’s 6 Essentials for a Healthy Business. It’s the essential manual and working blueprint to take a business from idea to profit in record time without the overwhelm. 2017 brought another bestseller co-authored with his wife Dr Teri Rouse and Brian Tracy, Cracking the Code to Success and more national awards along with the roll out of his new endeavor The REAL Money Doctor Show filmed by an EMMY award winning producer.

Today, his clientele ranges from first-time professionals and blue collar entrepreneurs to small businesses with seven-figure incomes to pre retirees and retirees. His passion is to help as many people as possible Get, Protect and Enjoy, Their Money, Life and Retirement.

The Ultimate Secure Retirement Rx is his main program to show people how to FastTrack a portion of their savings to get 63% more money in their account in less than 20 mins a day without the need for prior business or investment experience.

His work has been featured on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, USA Today, FORBES, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, International Business Times, The Money Show, Investing Daily and more.

Dr. Rouse shares his life changing message through his books, special reports and webinars and can be contacted through his website and seen on his YouTube Channel: TheREALMoneyDoctor

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