DermaSafe Offers a Potential Biotin Deficiency-Fighting Formula

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( — October 26, 2017) Wilmington, DE — Biotin is one of the vitamins that many experts find to be highly therapeutic. There are various formulas available, and one that most of what consumers are searching for is DermaSafe.

DermaSafe offers a potential biotin deficiency-fighting formula. There are some factors that contribute to the development of this deficiency. This includes excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol. People with certain conditions may also be more susceptible to biotin deficiency, such as those with Crohn’s or liver disease.

Eating processed foods on a regular basis has further been found to increase the risk of the deficiency. Those who suffer from a lack of biotin in the body are more likely to experience symptoms. Some of these symptoms include dry eyes, cracking on the sides of the mouth, scaly skin, and hair loss.

According to strong evidence, a deficiency of this vitamin could lead to hair loss. Enough levels of biotin inside the body, on the other hand, has been found to help thicken nail cuticles and prevent breakage.

There are many products that contain biotin. This water-soluble B vitamin cannot be synthesized by the body, and thus, it needs to be obtained through diet. The good news is that it can be found in a variety of food items and can also be taken through supplementation.

Some of these foods containing biotin are eggs, bananas, carrots, salmon, cauliflower, almonds, halibut, berries, and walnuts. DermaSafe’s Biotin 5000 PLUS formula is a great option for individuals seeking to obtain the potential benefits of this vitamin through supplementation.

It is worth mentioning that biotin supplements have been found to be helpful in some studies for a deficiency linked with malnutrition, pregnancy, and rapid weight loss.

DermaSafe’s Biotin 5000 PLUS formula is a complete multivitamin. It takes pride in the 28 unique ingredients it possesses, which include minerals, antioxidants, specific proteins, and herbs. Through the use of this amazing formula, individuals who suffer from biotin deficiency may be able to potentially fight the condition.

This amazing formula contains biotin, collagen, keratin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and some superfoods. This includes superfoods such as bladder wrack, nori yaki, wakame and grape seed extract, goji berry, and Indian gooseberry.

Some of the other ingredients it contains are copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and vitamins B6 and B7.

This complete multivitamin is made in an FDA-approved facility in the United States. It is also free from unwanted ingredients, and is believed to be extremely helpful in fighting biotin deficiency.


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