These Amazing Hotels on Tenerife Are Waiting to Welcome You

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( — October 23, 2017) — Overworked and need a vacation? Tired of chilly winds and tedious household chores? Longing for some sun, warm weather and relaxing time-off? Well, then Tenerife may be just the place for you! Also known as the “Island of Eternal Spring” (Isla de la Eterna Primavera), Tenerife enjoys a warm tropical climate around the year, with an average of 18–24°C in the winter and 24–28 °C in the summer. The sun shines for almost 2,900 hours per year (compared to London, where the sun only shines for 1,600 hours). Every year, around 5 million people visit Tenerife and enjoy its pleasant climate, feast on its delightful cuisine rich in seafood, discover its thrilling history and vibrant nightlife, and explore its stunningly beautiful nature, of which Teide National Park is perhaps most famous. I visited Tenerife as a child and vividly remember how a calm beach alley slowly started bursting with life as the sun set over the sea, people came out to eat and drink, and I licked on my third strawberry ice cream that day.

The best way to stay when visiting Tenerife is hotel, and hotels in Tenerife are best found via the website This website is completely dedicated to helping travelers find the best hotel for their needs, on Tenerife and beyond. Currently, seven amazing hotels on Tenerife are waiting to welcome you. They all have their own special character, ensuring there is a hotel for everyone’s taste, preference and budget. For example, Anthelia is a 5-star spa hotel a minute’s walk from the beach. Las Dalias is a children’s paradise with non-stop adventures such as inflatable pool slides, foam parties and mini discos – making it also a parent’s paradise. Grand Hotel Mencey is a piece of architectural heritage in the middle of Santa Cruz. Look here for a complete list of hotels and what they can offer you.

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