Major B2B Rebrand Appeals to Small Biz With Big Vision

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( — October 26, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — Of all the new websites launched this quarter, here is one that deserves some extra attention and praise. Especially for a B2B business consulting and solutions company, the website redesign for Beyond Local couldn’t have come at a better time. Just a few months before the biggest season for online sales, this newly launched website is the go-to place for small businesses that want to grow and scale. 

The new Beyond Local site was developed over the past several months. It was a necessary step once the company’s owner David Didier rebranded his successful NXTGEN services to rename the business. Changing the company name to Beyond Local was a decision made for the sake of clarity, memorability, and ease of use.

This website is a terrific display of a beautiful design and solid back-end development, and the critical role that it serves in an industry as tough as business consultation and B2B digital solutions. A ton of original content was created for Beyond Local’s web pages. The keyword-dense copy was formatted to maximize SEO and traffic generation. Educational resources were uploaded to provide value to visitors, including a free, downloadable guide to 5 Easy Steps You Can Take With You This Week That Will Cut Your Business Expenses Immediately. Many design elements were added or improved upon to create visual interest and balance. The navigation bar was limited to five links per menu. Beyond the eye-catching design and user-friendly functionality, this website was set up with a focus on helping others to learn and identify whether these services may be a good fit in their particular type and stage of business. The web pages have a well-defined call to action to move visitors through the website and encourage them to take the next steps. High quality photos on the site effectively make a human connection through emotion.

The biggest challenge for Beyond Local’s website was to clearly deliver the company’s message. This is a fiercely competitive industry and it can be difficult to show exactly what makes a business consultant qualified and what differentiates these services from others in the business. There are so many methods and approaches that are hard to define on paper without talking it through with the client. It was important to show David’s unique personality and specifically share his expertise in a clear and concise way. Coming from a background that included working through college, running a farm, and heading up sales on a coastal level, David is uniquely qualified to move a small business into a big business mindset and create an actionable plan to scale a company strategically. The new name, Beyond Local, represents the ultimate goal to masterfully compete with direct competitors and then scale up and out to claim an even larger part of the market share.

In addition to showing David Didier’s expertise, it was also critical to articulate what the Beyond Local team does and how their professional services help clients. Developing and implementing a strategy, increasing profitably, and using marketing and analysis to a business advantage are the four key things that Beyond Local provides on a regular basis. Beyond Local specializes in business consultations and they utilize strategic partnerships to provide maximum value to their clients. Beyond Local clients will find readily available help with their strategic planning, coaching, websites, and marketing. These are the most crucial parts to keeping a small business competitive and increasing profitability and efficiency across the board.

Content marketing is a key part of David’s strategy for the Beyond Local website. Blog development is underway and there’s a plan to publish at least two value-rich posts each month. David wants to use his website to educate business owners on the very things that have the power to propel them forward.

“We look forward to utilizing our new platform to not only attract potential new clients; but, also to use it as an educational platform for all small business owners. We want to educate business owners on how to manage their own marketing properly.”

Beyond Local’s new website project was placed in the hands of DotCom Global Media, a website design and digital marketing company owned by Sam Natello. After meeting Sam at a CEO Space business conference years ago, David connected him with a client in Missoula Montana, and they have been working together ever since.

David and Sam have a mutual interest to help small business owners to start doing bigger business. DotCom Global Media has worked with a vast range of businesses over the past twenty years, from Fortune 100 companies to startup-level entrepreneurs. They are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and genuinely dedicated to helping others above all else.

Beyond Local is really starting to shake things up. Their proven methods are attracting more people thanks to a succesful rebranding strategy and fully optimized website. With so many B2B options out there, there is a real risk posed to business owners who don’t understand what they’re getting in return for their investment. It is necessary to be educated and have measurable goals in order to keep accountability in place. Working with honest business consultants and a reputable digital media team is absolutely critical for success.

“We want to provide them with as much value as possible to bring them up to speed on what they should expect from other marketing agencies they may be working with to make sure they are not being taken,” concluded David of Beyond Local.

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