What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed By International News Headlines

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(Newswire.net — October 31, 2017) — Most of us know how important it is to regularly visit international news sites including this one to catch up on what’s happening around the world. However, there have been many recent traumatic occurrences that are all enough to make us feel negatively affected even if we do not know people who were associated with the events. The tragedies range from mass shootings to hurricanes, and those catastrophes are just the start.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to stay abreast of news without feeling emotionally drained afterward. As a result, you’ll feel well informed while maintaining a good state of mental health.

Limit Your Exposure

Spend a few minutes watching a major news broadcast and it’ll be clear there are several things the producers use to keep you watching. For example, there are often debates between several newscasters about particular topics. Plus, while a reporter talks about one issue, there is usually text on the screen that tells you about upcoming issues to stay tuned for in the coming minutes.

Together, tactics like these could make you keep your eyes glued to a newscast for much longer than intended. If you have trouble telling yourself when to stop watching and get involved in something else instead, set a timer for a maximum of 15 minutes. Quit watching the news when you hear the device going off.

Also, instead of getting your news all in one long stretch, try the technique above and spread your 15-minute blocks throughout the day. You might want to listen to the news while you get ready for work, during your commute, while on your lunch break, and as you make dinner. If that’s the case, enjoy 15-minute segments during those times.  Doing that should help you avoid the common problem of overexposure.

Talk to a Friend About What You’re Feeling

You can feel almost certain you’re not the only one affected by a tragic headline. However, some people may feel shy about disclosing how they’re feeling. If someone asks you whether you heard about something that happened lately, experiment by mentioning that you are aware of the event, then talk about how it’s making you feel.

For example, you could say, “Yes, I heard about that earthquake in California. It makes me so sad for the people who lost their homes and now don’t have places to go.” By taking that approach, your statement reveals that you don’t mind talking about the emotional element of upsetting news. Then, you might naturally encourage a friend to talk about different or similar emotions the event brought up.

By engaging in this kind of dialogue about a shared event, it should be easy to see that you are not alone if a certain happening in the news has really gotten to you. Also, the support you can give and receive by talking to a friend who is in distress is mutually beneficial, and you may offer the words needed to get through tough times.

Look at Content That Uplifts Your Mood

One of the great things about the internet is that it gives you access to so much content at once. Because everything is so readily available, you don’t have to spend as much time searching for news and can devote more time to reading it. However, the immediate availability of all types of news can also increase your mental strain.

That reality makes it necessary to consciously seek out content that makes you feel good. One place to start is Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva’s Facebook page. By going there, you’ll be learning about the activities of a woman is doing all she can to reduce the effects of international tragedies through foundations she has set up to help underprivileged people.

You may not understand the language used on the page, but Facebook offers a built-in translation feature that can help you get the main idea. If you want to make a positive impact through your own life but aren’t sure how to get started, this Facebook page could give you some ideas. That’s especially true since it offers various types of content to describe the page owner’s work.

Figure Out What You Can Do to Help Victims

One of the main reasons why all of us tend to feel swamped by emotions when we read the international news too frequently is that we feel helpless to make situations better. In reality, even small things can help you directly aid the people who’ve been hit hard by a disaster.

You may decide to donate money to a reputable charity, start collecting items to send to the victims, or even host a fundraising night. All of those things can help you feel like you’re doing something actionable to help people who’ve been through a lot.

International news can affect us all, but the traumatizing feelings it can cause are usually reduced with moderate exposure. Even if you’re a news junkie, be careful about how you consume content related to global hardships and follow the tips above to keep yourself mentally sound in the process.