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( — October 31, 2017) Durango, CO — Global Medical Innovations, LLC is announcing that they are the first medical device company to accept Bitcoin as payment for its Freedom Belt™ flag ship product. This unprecedented move is yet one more that boldy separates Global Medical Innovations, LLC from the rest of the medical device industry. Beyond that, it differentiates Global Medical Innovations, LLC as a true innovator in an industry that has long suffered from putting profits ahead of patients.

This willingness to accept cryptocurrency far ahead of even major online companies like Amazon goes to show the degree to which Global Medical Innovations, LLC thinks far outside the box. In a day and age when technological developments are seemingly popping up on a daily basis, the major players in the medical device market have not the shown the same initiative to stay with the curve, much less ahead of it.

Accepting Bitcoin as payment for their patented Freedom Belt™ post surgical drainage belt is directly inline with how Global Medical Innovations, LLC has functioned since its inception. Thanks to a radical departure from how most medical device companies think, they are already in the position as market leaders in the medical device industry. This opportunity to lead the pack from the front comes extremely naturally to a company that emphasizes patient-centric care in a heart centered manner.

Dr. Mario Torres-Leon, the founder and CMO of Global Medical Innovations, LLC had this to say about this decision to accept Bitcoin as payment, “Our customers come from all walks of life and are located in such countries from around the world such as England, Australia, Canada, and of course the United States.  If a customer feels more comfortable paying for their life changing Freedom Belt™ with Bitcoin, then we warmly welcome that and it’s one more way that we show we care about our customers.

As a medical start-up we embrace and enjoy this flexibility that larger companies simply don’t have. Accepting cryptocurrency is just another way we can show our customers that we care enough to think of their preferences, whether it’s via the color of their Freedom Belt™, that they wear around their waist, or the way they desire to make their payment. At the end of the day though, what this all comes down to is serving our customers as best as we can and that is exactly what Global Medical Innovations, LLC does.”

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Global Medical Innovations, LLC is a Durango, Colorado based medical device company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing products employed in procedures where minimally invasive surgical techniques are utilized. The products are created utilizing a patient-centric approach in a heart centered manner.

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