Ultimate Kitchen Introduces New Dispensing Teapot

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(Newswire.net — November 7, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — A teapot is a product that aids in brewing of tea. Ultimate Kitchen has announced the addition of a dispensing glass teapot to its line of kitchen products.

Tea is consumed in almost every corner of the world. Even though the ingredients are different, tea offers a wide range of health benefits to consumers. Tea lovers can make tea in the convenience of their homes by utilizing a tea kettle.

Ultimate Kitchen’s tea pot is clear and allows the user to see the strength of tea that they are making. This is because it is made of clear, food grade glass material. The glass doesn’t retain flavors of different teas and is strong enough to resist heat. This allows the user to see as the loose tea is being brewed.

The food grade glass tea maker has a 550 ml capacity which is enough to serve at least two cups. In addition, it has a brewing compartment at the top that holds the water with loose leaf tea while steeping until the user dispenses the tea into the teapot by pressing a button on the lid.

Ultimate Kitchen is set to launch this product on Amazon in December 2017. It will join other kitchen products from Ultimate Kitchen such as coffee press machines, chef knives and soap dispensers. In addition, Ultimate Kitchen has created a video on how to use the teapot to make various teas properly. The video will further explain how to use the loose leaf tea pot to prepare hot tea or iced tea.

“The teapot that we’re releasing has different great qualities that tea lovers like. We understand that there is stiff competition from different brands worldwide and that’s why we give attention to detail when creating products. Our glass teapot enables the user to view the tea they are preparing and adjust the strength of the tea accordingly. Also, the pot is easy to clean and is a great addition to any modern kitchen.”

Ultimate Kitchen is an ecommerce brand that started in 2014. Currently, it boasts of a wide range of kitchen products which can be found online on sites like Amazon. Ultimate Kitchen started selling its product on Amazon since it was formed. Amazon has a huge pool of online buyers from which the brand has access to as clients can visit and buy Ultimate Kitchen’s products. Every year, Ultimate Kitchen comes up with new products that meet the demands of customers.

The glass teapot adds flavor to any kitchen with its colorless appearance. It can be used to prepare any tea without having mixed flavors.

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