Utah Tenant Representative Helps In The Fight Against Cancer

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(Newswire.net — November 7, 2017) Salt Lake City, UT — Tenant representatives, like Logical Move in Salt Lake City, Utah, exclusively represent the interests of buyers or lessees (not sellers or landlords) in commercial real-estate transactions. Their expertise in site selection and lease negotiations is irreplaceable and the value they add can’t be overestimated.

Recently, Logical Move helped NAVICAN Precision Cancer Care, an Intermountain Healthcare company, land the perfect location to offer their services. So what is it that was needed to make this location the right fit? NAVICAN provides a service that helps prioritize cancer treatment recommendations and streamline the whole process for doctors and patients.

“For something like this to happen,” explains Tim Sleeper of Logical Move, “a lot goes into considering not just the right geographical location, but facility and landlord capabilities. Our client required an extensive CLIA Lab certifiable build out, which in turn required a landlord capable of coming out of pocket considerably for Tenant Improvements. Proximity to local research and medical facilities as well as easy access to the airport was important. I was extremely impressed by the vision of Ingo Chakravarty (CEO) and Lukas Pieter (CFO) of NAVICAN. They completely understand how the space that a company occupies greatly defines its culture. In this case, we’ve helped them achieve a cutting edge design with modern efficiencies in the heart of the city. This is entirely presumptuous, but we’d like to think that we’re helping them save lives in their noble fight against cancer!”

The job performed by tenant representatives has both an art and a science component. A lot of information is collected, considered, and then processed to make sure all of the conditions that may be advertised actually work out in the tenant’s favor over the long haul. “At the end of the day we need to weigh what the numbers say against what the landlord or seller is preaching,” says Sleeper. “If it’s right, then we start working to make the deal a reality. If it isn’t, then we already have other considerations and options in the works. Our investment property analysis tool is one of many that we use to help our clients make good decisions.”

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About Logical Move: Utah’s only broker specializing in Buyer and Tenant Representation for retail, office, investment and industrial properties; 20+ years of experience; ITRA Global Member – For more about CRE Tenant Reps – Logical Move – ITRA Broker Mr. Tim Sleeper, Principal Broker at Logical Move, will be discussing his efforts with Navican executives, more details about Tenant Representation and how other businesses could benefit from comprehensive and transparent CRE consultation.

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