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(Newswire.net — November 7, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Online marketer, Ultimate Kitchen, has progressively expanded over the years. The company started with just a few products but it currently offers several product lines. Ultimate Kitchen specializes in kitchen products such as baking mats, kitchen knives, food vacuum sealers, vacuum sealer bags and now tea kettles, to just name a few.

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the whole world. Different people around the world make different types of tea. One can make tea at home or in the office by utilizing a teapot. For one to make tea or ice tea using a teapot, they need loose leaf tea. Ultimate Kitchen has added a glass tea kettle to its line of kitchen products. A glass teapot is different from other tea pots and needs to be handled with care.

“Customers are the core of our business. If customers are satisfied, so are we. Every product that we make is created towards meeting the demands of clients. For instance, the new glass tea kettle has features that every tea enthusiast would love. The user can see the tea that they are brewing as it is visible and has a stainless steel tea infuser for holding the loose tea leaves. For clients who have acquired our tea pot and don’t know how to use it, we have created a video that clearly indicates how one should prepare tea with the Ultimate Kitchen’s new teapot set. We don’t like to leave our customers with questions and that’s why we have created this video,” said, Cassie Clark, Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen.

Ultimate Kitchen’s food grade borosilicate glass tea maker has a no drip spout. This allows the user to pour tea in the cup without spilling it. Since the ice tea maker is made of glass, it is clear and the user can adjust the tea during steeping to suit them. Also, the glass tea kettle comes with a mesh stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser to hold the loose tea during steeping and prevent them from being dispensed in a cup. Buyers of the teapot set on Amazon receive a 5 year warranty from Ultimate Kitchen.

The instruction video that Ultimate Kitchen has introduced will go a long way in helping users to correctly use the glass tea kettle. Not all tea kettles are the same as they differ from one another. A glass tea kettle doesn’t need a lot of heat and it is usually used for steeping tea and not warming the water. However, this teapot is designed to be used on direct hear as well. The video shows how the buyer of the tea pot for stovetop should correctly use the glass tea kettle with infuser.

The release of the instruction video by Ultimate Kitchen will help many users of the tea pot to make tea in the right way. Users make mistakes which end up spoiling their tea and this instruction video will help tea aficionados a lot.

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