Ultimate Kitchen Launches Vacuum Sealer Canister

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(Newswire.net — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a company that designs their products to meet standards and preferences of their customers.

Ultimate Kitchen products are available for purchase online. Customers can find their products on the e-commerce leading platform Amazon. The company chose Amazon as their primary online retailer because of the high level of services the e-commerce giant offers their clients. Customers can enjoy special offers, worldwide shipping, free two-days shipping with Amazon Prime and other services when buying Ultimate Kitchen products on Amazon.

Ultimate Kitchen offers their customers a wide range of kitchen products. The brand recently extended their product line and presented a new food storage vacuum sealer container. Ultimate Kitchen creates their products with modern solutions.

The numbers of food waste increase worldwide each year. Ultimate Kitchen designs products that help purchasers to keep their food fresh longer and save money. That is why the food storage accessories production is one of the prioritized directions for Ultimate Kitchen.

The newly launched vacuum food storage canister is a one-liter container that extends the lifespan of foods five times longer. It can be a useful purchase for those who prefer cooking in advance. This food container could also serve for marinating food. It can also be connected to Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealers to store food under vacuum pressure.

A verified Amazon purchaser said “I have used this non-stop since I bought it to marinate chicken and steak. Usually, I marinate overnight but with this sealed food container using the same recipes, it takes about 20 minutes. Super excited to use this all the time with less preparation time!”

Ultimate Kitchen creates products that could be used for multiple uses. This means that a customer doesn’t need to buy various canisters for every single type of food and recipes. Ultimate Kitchen also designs long-lasting products and provides a comparably long warranty period for their items. The company is offering a five-year replacement warranty for this vacuum storage container.

“I am a HUGE meal prep person! I always prep my food for the week on Sundays and this has made it SO easy to keep my food fresh the entire week!” said Samantha Brown. “I take out what I want and then reseal it! This container really works for any food, I’ve used it for soups, fruits, vegetables, marinated meats, fresh herbs, and the list goes on and on. it really does keep your food better than a normal container! I also purchased the 2-liter size, I wish I bought 4 of each! LOL”

This is a BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof food container. The canister is created with an arc design to create a uniform pressure across the surface when vacuum sealed.

Frequently bought together with this vacuum sealer food container on Amazon are Ultimate Kitchen’s vacuum sealer 8” x 12” bags and 6” x 10” bags. The offer is $41.98 for the three items.

Amazon customers can save on shipping costs and receive their purchase in two days if they use Amazon Prime. The other way to save money purchasing on Amazon is to use coupons on accessories.

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Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at Amazon.com and Walmart.com

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