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(Newswire.net — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen makes their contribution to the solution of the global food waste problem by creating various products that help to keep food fresh longer. Ultimate Kitchen considers vacuum storage to be an effective way of keeping food fresh. The company offers their customers a whole spectrum of vacuum sealing accessories.

Ultimate Kitchen presents their vacuum sealing products as a way not only to keep foods fresh and protected but also to save time and money. Nowadays, people often go shopping once or twice per week. There are also people who don’t cook every day and prefer cooking in advance. The vacuum sealing storage is a great solution for both categories.

The one liter food storage container is a newly released Ultimate Kitchen product. Despite this, it has already gained popularity among Amazon customers. It was rated 4.7 stars out of maximum 5 stars by the first buyers on Amazon.

“I purchased this container along with the 2 quarts one to use when I make soups and any other liquid item. It is also great for fruits and fresh cooked veggies,” said Ruth H. “This vacuum sealed container keeps air out of your food and ensures that it stays fresher longer. I purchased this to use with my Ultimate kitchen vacuum sealer. It’s very easy to use and the 1-quart size is perfect for the lots of different things. As with the other Ultimate brand, it comes with a 5-year warranty. That itself is a great feature.”

The vacuum sealing storage can keep foods fresh up to five times longer than a regular way of keeping food. It can be used to store half-prepared or fully prepared meals. It can save time and money that people usually spend when frequently shopping and throwing away expired foods. Vacuum sealing is also a solution for storage for people who care about their health. This type of storage keeps food protected from outside moisture and bacteria.

The Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer canister is a durable storage container that is made out of high strength, long-lasting materials. The arc shape is designed for uniform pressure across the surface when vacuum sealed. The vacuum canister also will not hold onto food odors or stains.

The most important factor that might become decisive for the customers is safety. Food storage is the process that requires the high-quality of accessories. Low-quality food storage items, made from harmful materials, could cause harmful consequences for health.

Ultimate Kitchen is a customer-oriented company that cares about their products’ quality and safety. Their one litter food storage vacuum sealer canister is BPA-free. BPA is often used for creating polycarbonate plastic food storage accessories. It has been a hot topic surrounding food storage safety as it has been deemed a health risk. Past research has proved that BPA can seep into food from food storage accessories and cause serious health effects on various parts of the body.

The company is confident in the quality of their product and offers a five-year replacement warranty. A customer can ask Ultimate Kitchen for a replacement in the case of breakage or inappropriate performance.

Samantha Brown, the five-star reviewer, said, “I am a HUGE meal prep person! I always prep my food for the week on Sundays and this has made it SO easy to keep my food fresh the entire week! I take out what I want and then reseal it! this container really works for any food, I’ve used it for soups, fruits, vegetables, marinated meats, fresh herbs, and the list goes on and on. it really does keep your food better than a normal container! I also purchased the 2-liter size, I wish I bought 4 of each! LOL”

This food storage container is currently available on Amazon. Ultimate Kitchen sells principally with the e-commerce giant and their customers can get all the benefits out of this cooperation. They can save shipping costs by using Amazon Prime, enjoy discounts and buy frequently bought together offers.

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