Northwest Elements Bottle Opener Highly Rated on Amazon

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( — November 14, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Northwest Elements, who are fulfilled by Amazon seller, has announced that their new glass bottle opener has been well received on Amazon. The bottle opener is one among various products being offered by Northwest Elements on Amazon.

Bottle openers are used in bars and at home to remove metal bottle caps. They are present in a variety of designs and styles. Some are portable while others are wall mount. Northwest Elements glass bottle opener is a wall bottle opener with an option of installing on the fridge by the help of its magnet on the back.

The Northwest Elements bartender bottle opener is constructed from hardwood, zinc alloy and stainless steel. The hardwood is the base for mounting and can be fitted on the wall by use of screws or adhesive or it can be stuck on the fridge by the support of its magnet. In addition, it has a magnet cap catcher that sticks metal caps removed from the bottle. This prevents them from falling and scattering on the floor. Finally, buyers of the bottle opener bartender wall décor receive a 2 year replacement warranty from Northwest Elements.

FBA seller, Northwest Elements is a committed brand that offers various user-friendly products. Besides the beer bottle opener, Northwest Elements also sells space saver bags. Both of these products are currently listed on Amazon. The Bartender’s Friend glass bottle opener is being sold at $34.

The Northwest Elements Bartender’s Friend soda bottle opener has been well received on Amazon. This is evident from the 4.5 star rating that the steel bottle opener has so far received. In addition, it has numerous positive reviews left behind by previous buyers of the device. Here are some of the Bartender’s Friend stainless steel bottle opener positive reviews on Amazon:

A 5 star verified Amazon buyer, TSMC, said, “This thing is awesome! It’s mounted on my refrigerator and you can grab a beer out of the fridge and open it in one fell swoop! The magnets are so strong that it doesn’t budge when you’re using it. We had friends over and it catches an evening’s worth of caps. Love it! Highly recommend this.”

“This bottle opener works great! I eventually plan to hang it on the wall when our downstairs bar is complete. Until then it has been on our metal cabinet in the garage. The magnet holds very securely, enough so that the opener does not slip at all while opening the bottle. The magnet to catch the bottle top is a great feature and works really well!! It eliminates dropped tops rolling out of reach and the need to find a bottle opener in a drawer. All the materials to mount with hardware or adhesive are included. After purchasing, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.”

The Bartender’s Friend bottle opener kit is made of hardwood and 100% zinc alloy. It has 3 mounting options which are magnet, screws or adhesive. The wall bottle opener has a magnetic cap catcher for sticking metal bottle caps that have been opened. It can be used at home or in bars to open sodas, beers and other beverages with a metal bottle cap.

About Northwest Elements

Northwest Elements is a family owned business based out of the Pacific Northwest region. The brand sells a wide range of products in stock fulfilled by Amazon including bottle openers and vacuum storage bags.

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