Northwest Elements Releases Bottle Opener on Amazon

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( — November 14, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Northwest Elements has released a stainless steel bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher on Amazon. The bottle opener was launched under one of Northwest Element’s brands known as Bartender’s Friend. It joins other products from Northwest Elements such as their space saver bags.

Northwest Elements is a brand that started in 2016, but has developed a great deal. The brand currently boasts of various products on offer. Apart from the bartender bottle opener, Northwest Elements also sells space saver bags on Amazon. The Bartender’s Friend steel bottle opener is at the moment listed on Amazon at $34.00.

A bottle opener is one of the essential tools of a bar or pub. Also, glass bottle openers are important in homes especially to individuals who receive a great number of guests or those who love to host parties. Northwest Elements decision to release a new wall mounted bottle opener, offers clients a variety to select from as there are several brands and types of bottle openers on the market.

The Bartender’s Friend steel bottle opener is made from hardwood and 100% zinc alloy. Also, it has a magnetic cap catcher that holds the metal caps that are opened using the soda bottle opener. The bartender tool for opening metal bottle caps comes with 3 different mounting options. These include with the use of adhesive, magnet or screws. In addition to these features, Northwest Elements provides buyers of the bottle opener kit a 2 year replacement warranty.

After Northwest Elements released its wall bottle opener, the product has already received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. This is from the various positive reviews from the first buyers of the Bartender’s Friend beer bottle opener.

MDB, a five star Amazon customer, said, “I have wanted a bottle opener like this for a while, but didn’t want to hang it on the wall. I decided to try this because you have the option of putting it on the fridge with magnets. I was a bit skeptical, but the magnet on the fridge is strong enough to pull the caps off the bottle without falling off the fridge. This works fantastic and the magnetic on the front to catch the bottle caps is a great additional feature. This does come with the hardware to put on the wall, so you have that option as well. The wood finish is very nice and it looks great and works like a charm. I highly recommend it.”

“We work around the clock to bring our customers the best,” said one of the Northwest Elements Directors. “Customers come before anything in business. The bartender bottle opener that we’ve just released is a good example of attention to detail that we put on our products. This bottle opener has an excellent finish and it is sturdily made. It has all the features that a bar or home may need from a quality stainless steel bottle opener. We will continue giving our customers the best and ensure that they are satisfied.”

The Bartender’s Friend bottle opener offers three different mounting options to its user. The magnet cap catcher holds the metal bottle caps and prevents them from scattering on the floor. It can be used to remove metal lids on beer, soda, glass and beverages with a metal cap.

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Northwest Elements is a family owned business based out of the Pacific Northwest region. The brand sells a wide range of products in stock fulfilled by Amazon including bottle openers and vacuum storage bags.

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