Psychologists Suggest Hangovers Could Possibly Make One Stupid

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( — November 23, 2017) Orlando, FL — Alcoholic beverages are an important part of many events and celebrations. However, in addition to the health disadvantages they could cause when taken in excessive amounts, they could also produce hangovers.

Psychologists suggest hangovers could possibly make one stupid. Hangovers often leave people feeling sore in the head when they wake up in the morning. According to new research, it actually causes impairment in the way that the brain holds as well as processes information.

According to these psychologists who studied hangovers, this alcoholic-related occurrence impairs the way brain works. It disrupts one’s ability to think clearly.

A hangover is defined as the occurrence of symptoms after the alcohol levels in the blood have already returned to zero. The study findings indicate that the effects of an excessive night of alcohol consumption actually lasts far longer than the time needed to become sober again.

New research even found that aside from nausea, anxiety and dizziness, a hangover can also reduce the capacity of the brain to function.

Preliminary findings presented at Keele University conference revealed that suffering from a hangover actually affects one’s working memory. This includes one’s ability to hold information in the mind and manipulate it.

When this happens, it leaves sufferers being less able to perform certain tasks, such as mental arithmetic.

Dr. Lauren Owen, Marie Curie postdoctoral research fellow at Keele University’s school of psychology, has been leading the research. She states that most people are familiar with the undesirable effects of hangovers that could potentially arise the day after excessive drinking.

One of the things that alcohol drinkers should bear in mind is that alcohol hangovers do not just affect people physiologically. They negatively impact mood and cognitive function, which can actually lead to various undesirable life consequences.

The researchers are trying to measure a huge range of cognitive functions through a comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests, which will determine the associated brain functions susceptible to impairment.

The good news is that certain remedies like activated charcoal have been found to treat alcohol poisoning and prevent hangovers. It quickly works by eliminating toxins from the body that trigger poisoning.

It is worth mentioning that alcohol often contains chemicals and artificial sweeteners which activated charcoal has been found to effectively remove.

In some studies, it was found that activated charcoal was able to reduce blood alcohol concentrations.

The Princeton University’s First Aider’s Guide to Alcohol even indicates that this natural remedy is administered in some situations linked with alcohol, such as acute alcohol poisoning.

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