Benefits of Having Car Covers

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( — November 23, 2017) — Home owners protect their houses with durable paint. Cell phone users protect their phones with covers and screen protectors. Car owners should protect their vehicles with the best car covers to avoid possible theft, animals scratching the car and the dramatic effects of harsh weather conditions.

What are car covers?

The effects of harsh weather can be drastic on one’s vehicle. Rain and hail can break windows, destroy upholstery if someone forgot to close the windows and extreme heat can cause the vehicle’s paint to fade and chip. Car covers are meant to prevent this type of damage to your precious wheels. They are custom designed to fit your specific vehicle and ensure the cover does not blow away if it is too big. Just like different cars require different wheel sizes, the same applies to a car cover. There are different types of car covers for outdoor or indoor uses that are made from varying materials but we will get to that in a minute.

Follow the instructions

Once you have purchased the perfect car cover, you need to follow the instructions to ensure the product does what it was intended for. If you want to cover your vehicle with the car cover, put the cover on the car without hooking it on. Roll the cover out from the driver’s side all the way to the passenger’s side and then to the rear of the vehicle. Be careful not to move the cover too much as it will reduce the risk of scratching the car. Make sure you hook the cover properly and ensure it is secure. If you want to remove the car cover, do the same but in reverse.

Remember to clear the car cover every now and then as it may get covered in dust or snow. Pay special attention to the washing instructions of the cover as majority can be washed in a washing machine but does not allow the use of fabric softener. It is important to ensure the cover is fully dried before putting it into storage, otherwise the humidity may damage the cover.

Types of car covers

Waterproof car covers are made from a special plastic that keeps water out. Another benefit of this type of car cover is that it does not allow condensation to take place between the vehicle and the cover and rusting the paint by doing so. These covers are great if you need to store your car for the winter. Besides putting the car cover over your car, why not try putting some mothballs around your car on the ground to prevent rodents and insects from gaining access to your vehicle?

A second car cover type is the breathable cover that allows air circulation. These are great for short term usage, for example, if you park your vehicle outdoors during working hours. It is a very light material which is also water-resistant.

Another popular type of car cover is made from cotton or a cotton blend. Take note that they are not water resistant and should be used indoors.

Whatever your needs and the needs of your vehicle, it is a good decision to have a car cover custom made for your vehicle. This way you can rest assured that your vehicle is adequately protected.