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( — December 16, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — It’s been advised to work hard and play even harder, however there’s no need to work harder if one just worked smarter by breathing better. The breath of life is so underrated and as such, people leave themselves open to health and emotional distress. Learning how to breathe better avails one to so many benefits during exercise, as well as among other areas of your life.

“Scientific research is showing that mindful breathing – paying attention to your breath and learning how to manipulate it – is one of the most effective ways to lower everyday stress levels and improve a variety of health factors ranging from mood to metabolism,” states Yoga Journal, America’s #1 yoga resource.

Whether you practice yoga or not, becoming more aware of how you breathe and controlling each breath in accordance to an intent is critical for improving physical and emotional wellness. This involves pacing how one breathes and focusing on how much oxygen intake occurs with it. For some people with collapsed or slightly smaller nostrils, applying a breathing aid such as a nasal strip would be most effective, especially when participating in sporting activities. 

“Nasal strips improve nasal breathing and give a subjective feeling of improvement in this respect. The effect is particularly noticeable for those who already have problems breathing through the nose,” states the official FIFA website. “The strips can have a positive effect for asthmatics or those with sensitive bronchial tubes, especially when they react by showing signs of exertion asthma or coughing. The easier the breathing through the nose, the better the conditioning of air going into the body, overall decreasing the intensity and the frequency of asthmatic or coughing attacks.” 

Proper ventilation is the true backbone of all bodily functions and none more than your main organs, i.e. the lungs, heart and brain. Having the best quality and optimal volume of oxygen circulate throughout your system ensures that each and every organ can operate optimally. 

Doctors are constantly amazed at how well the body performs when correct breathing is employed versus insufficient oxygen intake due to unconcerned breathing. There has been great interest in breathing as it relates to sports and athleticism, and much research has been invested on this topic for performance enhancing benefits. Proven in alignment with the research group at the University of Copenhagen, FIFA has also commissioned its own trails with medical professionals and the results were enlightening.  

“The experimental results came as a surprise to all concerned: for nine of the ten test subjects, breath entering through the nose increased by between 5% and 71% – the average improvement was 20%, but individual differences were very marked,” explains Beat Villager, Swiss medical sport experts. “Subjectively, eight of the ten persons tested said they noticed a definite improvement in their ability to breathe through the nose.” 

Using a nasal strip is a no-brainer when it comes to participating in sports or when in need of a quick decongestant device to combat sinus symptoms. The Breathe-IN™ nasal strip by HealthyWiser™ guarantees instant congestion relief and facilitates breathing at the highest level, so you can start breathing better and easily get on with your day.

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