Reasons to Sleep With a Mouth Guard

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( — December 20, 2017) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Worn teeth, temporomandibular joint pains and insomnia are just a few of the problems one can incur due to bruxism, the medical term for teeth clenching and grinding. The solution to such a board range of problems may be simpler than you could imagine. Wearing dental protectors, commonly referred to as mouth guards or night guards, is the quickest and most proactive approach to address bruxism and most of the spin off complications it may cause. 

“Self-care practices at home such as eating softer foods, minimizing extreme jaw movements, treating pain with heat or ice packs, or controlling jaw tension with relaxation techniques can sometimes ease the discomfort,” says Hussey Do Duy Dental Associates in Methuen, Massachusetts. “Night guards, however, are often the best way to minimize painful symptoms and achieve superior relief.” 

The HealthyWiser™ DentoGuard™ mouth guards are comfortable, customizable and dentist-approved to alleviate symptoms of bruxism and other similarly related dental concerns. If that wasn’t motivation enough to consider wearing dental protectors then here’s the breakdown of some compelling reasons. 

Preventing tooth damage from clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially during sleep is a peculiarly frequent self-inflicting problem. While on one hand it’s technically an involuntary action since one is often asleep, it is also a controllable matter. Reducing stress or at least managing stress in better ways is the ultimate solution but while in pursuit of such, dental protectors serve well to circumvent further damage.  

“Custom night guards are lightweight, comfortable, and practical for your specific dental concerns, helping to reduce any stress in your jaw joints and muscles,” explains holistic dentist Ken Wolch in Toronto, Canada. “This in turn minimizes wear and tear and allows you to speak, eat, and laugh comfortably.” 

Sleep habits and patterns are vastly improved with the use of mouth guards as the previous discomforts associated with toothaches and other teeth clenching pains will be no more. With your jaws repositioned for utmost muscular relaxation, you can get back to enjoy your beauty rest in peace. 

“Likely the least of your troubles associated with your grinding and clenching, snoring can still pose an issue for both you and your significant other or sleeping partner,” says dental surgeon Steven Darter in Rockfort, Michigan. “Because your night guard will be designed to create a small space between the jaws, it will increase your air intake and effectively allow you to breathe better.” 

Lastly, the issue of temporal headaches, jaw pains and tooth sensitivity are also mitigated by mouth guards such as the DentoGuard™ by HealthyWiser.  By creating a barrier between the top and bottom rows of teeth, night guards leave no space for grinding contact to occur as they align your teeth in the process.

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