Smarter Than Smartphone – Huawei Developed an AI Phone

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( — December 4, 2017) — While smartphone producing giants Samsung and Apple are fighting neck to neck for ways to improve their existing models into slightly better successors, Huawei launched a new generation of smartphones that use AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely in our foreseeable future as the technology creeps into our reality dividing ones who support it and those who are afraid it could mark the end of humanity and the beginning of “The Terminator“ scenario.

Before we reach for doomsday scenarios, let us introduce you to Huawei’s new flagship phone The Mate 10.

This new generation of smartphones comes in two versions Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro that offers more features for a higher price. Essentially, the heart and the brain of this handheld device is a processor that uses AI algorithms. It also has 8GB RAM and 32GB storage memory that ensure you never run out of space installing your favorite apps and video games.

A new intelligent chip can recognize shapes and auto adjust the new generation smartphone’s camera lens and use software to deliver the best quality pictures.

According to its manufacturer, the Mate 10 has the ability to recognize objects of interest and react accordingly, but not only to set proper white balance and focus, which all new smartphones do just fine. The phone’s AI can recognize if you want to photograph your meal on the table, a landscape or people and adjust to the best picture mode available.

Other smartphones offer pretty decent auto-adjust features too, but the main difference is that AI can learn from the experience and offer solutions that fit your prerogative.

So the AI on board Mate 10 can figure out what your preferred settings are, but how does it do that?

Simply, it will ask. By serious notifications the Mate 10’s AI can learn from your responses and automatically customize options to fit your needs. For example, whenever a notification appears, the system recognizes if the notification is going to require you to interact with an app and offers to launch it on split screen. According to owner’s response the Mat 10 can understand your behavior over time and personalize specific app settings.

The new generation smartphone that can learn to understand you better is the next thing in high-end phones market. We’ll just have to learn to understand them back.