Cool Sculpting Tips: Before and After You Receive The Treatment

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( — December 7, 2017) — The most prominent issues faced by most of the people these days is obesity. The leading cause of obesity and plumpness is our unhealthy and fattening diet, which apparently is hard to control. Obesity can eventually lead to really severe consequences which are why controlling it at an initial stage is compulsory.  

Controlling chubbiness and obesity can be tough. However, there are some solutions for obesity and fatness. One of the most widely-used and convenient methods is coolsculpting which mainly involves fat-freezing. According to DORE Aesthetics, a Singapore fat freezing centre; this process includes a non-surgical fat-eliminating procedure which mainly uses controlled cooling temperature to eliminate all the unnecessary fats in the body.  

Here are some Cool Sculpting tips, before and after you receive the treatment, which will guide you to the ultimate results and consequences of the treatment.


  • Make sure you are a good contender:

Majority of the people think that Coolsculpting is mainly a weight loss technique. Well, it isn’t. Before opting for going through the procedure make sure your weight is somewhat close to the ideal weight. Coolsculpting adds finishing touches and contours to the body after you’ve lost the weight and also limits your weight to specific kg.

  • Know how many treatments you’ll need:

There are variations everywhere. Coolsculpting comes in different variations as well. Knowing how many treatments you’ll need is important. Some people need a single session of treatment, which mainly includes 20% of reduction. Other than this some people require almost three to four treatment sessions. All of this depends on the different individual. So, if you ever intend to go through Coolsculpting method, make sure you know how many treatments you’ll need.

  • Who will do your procedure:

Finding out the right person, physician or an expert is hard. This is the main reason why knowing who’ll do your process is important. Before deciding about having the procedure make sure the team performing the procedure is professional and highly-skilled. The team mainly includes nurses, physicians, and physician assistants.

  • Get ready for pain, just in case:

Although the procedure is painless, there are exceptions everywhere. There is 10% chance that you’ll feel pain, but that too not for long. So prepare yourself in advance, just in case. Apparently, there is a slight possibility of pain in every physical procedure, which is why you need to be mentally prepared every time.


  • After-care:

Taking care of your body after any medical procedure is essential. Some side effects are swelling, itching, and pain are common after Coolsculpting. So make sure you take proper care of your body to prevent such side effects. Even if you have them, taking well care of these symptoms can prevent greater damage to your body.

  • Take photos to see the difference:

Taking pictures can help in identifying whether the procedure was useful or not. Take before and after photos for the satisfaction that the procedure helped. Taking photographs frequently can help visualize the effects of the procedure quickly.

  • Patience is everything:

The results of the procedure can appear immediately, but most of the time it takes between one to three months. All you have to do is be a little patient and wait for the extraordinary results. After, just two months of procedure you’ll see useful results for sure.

These are a few before and after Cool Sculpting tips that most of you might want to know. If you too want to go through this procedure make sure you try fat freezing.