Berberine Could Be a Safer Alternative to Anti-Depressant Drugs

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( — December 14, 2017) Orlando, FL — Depression can happen in various forms and in different severity levels. There are those who turn to the use of pharmaceutical drugs to remedy the brain disorder. While these medications are helpful, it is important to consider the use of some natural remedies.

Berberine could be a safer alternative to anti-depressant drugs. This therapeutic compound is widely studied due to the powerful healing agents it possesses. There have even been some researchers who believe berberine is essential in fighting a range of conditions.

Pharmaceutical drugs like anti-depressants are formulated to fight depression. However, since the use of these medications has been linked with side effects, it is best to consider what berberine can offer. It is worth mentioning that certain anti-depressants have been found to cause weird dreams, diarrhea, dry mouth and jitteriness.

The most persistent side effect of anti-depressants is the reduced appetite for sex. It is worth mentioning that the adverse effects may differ from one person to another. It could be influenced by existing health conditions or genetic makeup.

This natural remedy called berberine works to fight depression by improving the levels of the key neurotransmitters in the hippocampus and frontal cortex of the brain. This natural remedy also inhibits monooxidase A (MAO-A), which is an enzyme that works by breaking down serotonin.

Reducing the risk of adverse effects from medications could be an excellent approach for fighting depression. It is important to understand that pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to improve the condition of depressed individuals, and not expose them to side effects.

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