Espressotec Announces Official Kees Van Der Westen Dealership at Beanstock Coffee Festival

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( — December 7, 2017) Vancouver, BC — “Going Dutch” has new meaning at Espressotec Sales & Service, now that the company is the official dealer of Kees van der Westen espresso machines in Western Canada.

Two days ahead of time, Espressotec shared with its followers on social media that it would be bringing “something very special” to the Beanstock Coffee Festival, and the post was met with notable enthusiasm. Espresso machines like the one in the photo included with that post are something of a rarity in Canada — and even on an international level, they are distinctive curiosities. So when Espressotec took its place as an equipment sponsor at the inaugural Beanstock Coffee Festival last weekend with a Kees van der Westen Spirit in tow, it won the intrigue of roasters, sponsors, and spectators alike.

“Machines made by Kees van der Westen really are showpieces — works of art that also make great espresso,” says Espressotec owner Reg James. “It’s not just style — these machines are among the finest when it comes to precision, power, and temperature stability. They’ll easily produce some of the best espresso you’ve ever had.”

And indeed, long before Kees van der Westen Espressonistic Works began, its founder made his name in industrial design by creating extraordinary art fixtures that happened to make espresso, too — almost like a functional afterthought. Not one for half-measures, he began perfecting the craft of espresso-making when several eminent companies commissioned machines from him for their offices. Today, Kees van der Westen Espressionistic Works hand-crafts around 20 made-to-order, highly customized commercial and prosumer espresso machines each week in its warehouse outside of Amsterdam.

And now, interested espresso enthusiasts across Western Canada can special order their very own Kees van der Westen masterpiece through Espressotec! The company confirmed at the Beanstock Coffee Festival that they have become the official dealer and service centre for Kees van der Westen machines, serving the western provinces while Morala Trading of Ottawa serves the East. Highly customizable, each machine can be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements — both in terms of function and exterior bodywork. The added bonus of long-term support and maintenance further increases the value of these covetable models.

Coffee connoisseurs and café owners interested in any Kees van der Westen machine are encouraged to call or visit Espressotec Sales & Service.

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