Johnson Advertising Offers Money-Back Guarantee on Auto Dealer Direct Mail Campaigns

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( — December 11, 2017) — Johnson Advertising recently announced a game changing money-back guarantee, which makes them the first advertising firm in the world to back direct mail campaigns for automotive dealers.

The team at Johnson Advertising offers a wide range of advertising services tailored for automotive dealerships, including website management, digital advertising, social media, direct mail, email marketing, creative design, reputation management, and more. In particular, Johnson Advertising’s direct mail services are rising in popularity since the announcement of a 100%, full-price refund on direct mail campaigns.

According to Ivy Johnson, President at Johnson Advertising, “Never before has anyone in the automotive advertising industry backed up their campaigns with a 100% money back guarantee.” “Our innovation has proven once again that the dealer has only one real choice when choosing an automotive advertising agency and that choice is Johnson Advertising,” said Johnson.

Johnson Advertising’s quality and commitment to client care is exemplified through advertising strategies that are personalized and highly effective. With Johnson Advertising’s direct mail solutions, automotive dealerships can take advantage of a results-oriented strategy that is backed by a first-in-class guarantee.

When clients contact Johnson Advertising for direct mail services, they receive one-on-one care to guide them through the process of creating a powerful, multi-faceted direct mail campaign. Johnson Advertising’s expert team works to generate showroom activity with an understanding that the more responses generated, the more sales generated by the campaign. “Our results are second to none consistently, receiving unheard of response rates, many times in excess of 10%. No one is unreachable with our Proprietary Multi Layered System,” said Johnson.

To get started, prospective clients can reach out to the Johnson Advertising team for a no charge consultation. More information can be found at ““.

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