Progesterone Believed to Be One of the Best-Kept Hormone Secrets

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( — December 19, 2017) Las Vegas, NV — Progesterone is often overlooked as a steroid hormone. However, the truth is that without it, there is neither hormonal imbalance nor homeostasis.

Progesterone is believed to be one of the best kept hormone secrets in the world. According to some experts, optimal progesterone levels are vital for the balance as well as the maintenance of the internal terrain of humans.

When the body is able to reach the state of homeostasis, one is able to maintain energy levels and fight off conditions. Straying away from homeostasis can result in the increased risk of mood swings and conditions.

Progesterone is a female hormone that is present during the second half of the monthly cycle. It is a balancing hormone for estrogen’s aggressive tendencies.

However, according to experts, healthy men are also able to produce progesterone. This hormone takes care of balancing the effects of estrogen. In males, it works as a precursor to testosterone, which is the primary male steroid hormone.

Progesterone is a vital hormone in the gestation period. It is produced by the collapsed follicle during the luteal phase of the cycle. This production stops during the start of the period or pregnancy.

Building healthy bones can also require progesterone to work with estrogen. Estrogen takes care of restraining bone loss. Progesterone, on the other hand, stimulates new bone formation.

These hormones work together as a team in the maintenance as well as the production of a healthy bone. There are bone medications that cause havoc in the body. This is due to the fact that they work by restraining bone loss.

These medications allow an old bone to ossify, become brittle and be subjected to fractures. This is often the condition that these pharmaceutical drugs are typically advertised to prevent.

Experts also reveal that optimal progesterone levels may aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, especially for women. This hormone is considered a natural diuretic and fat-burner. Gaining weight before the start of a period may mean that one has low progesterone levels.

Some of the symptoms of low progesterone are ovarian cysts, irregular periods, arthritis, allergies, miscarriages, brittle nails and decreased drive sex.

There are natural alternatives thought to increase progesterone levels, and one is turmeric. This ancient spice is believed to be extremely therapeutic and it may offer a range of health benefits.


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