3 Creative Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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(Newswire.net — December 15, 2017) — The holiday season is for resting, spending more time with your loved ones and, of course, exchanging gifts.

It gets really exhausting thinking of what gift to present to that special person, one that would give a more special feeling than the last one presented.

You keep racking your brain on whether to get that wristwatch for them or that black sandal they’ve always admired when you both walk past the store. Might also be the green jacket she keeps admiring on that mannequin across the street or the Fenty beauty lipstick. What if he’s a tech lover? Would he love a new laptop, or a new phone?

Getting the gift isn’t where the job is, the job lies in getting something the receiver would really value – which of course is a huge task, considering the fact that everyone has different taste.

However, it’s really not that serious. You can get creative with the gifts and not spend an excessive amount impressing them. With a knitting pin or a picture album you could create a gift that will remain ever green in their memory.

I’m getting ahead of myself already; let’s look into some creative gift ideas that would make the receiver’s entire holiday.

1. Picture album

Social media platforms like Instagram have affected the way people handle hard copies of their pictures – that’s if they even decide to get the hardcopies at all. Instagram is the new picture album.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and create the unusual. Gather pictures from their social media platforms and print them out. If you have access to pictures from their childhood, include them also.

Pictures of places they had the best memories should also be included in the album. Wrap it up and present it to them. If they happen to unwrap the gift in your presence, you’ll get to see the expression on their face – priceless.

This is because the gift is different, very thoughtful and the least of things they expected. Now that’s the effect of a creative gift that doesn’t require you breaking the bank.

2. Name necklace

We’re so used to people calling our names it almost feels like they own it. However, it’s different when you have a shirt or jewelry with your name inscribed on it, it’s another level of confidence.

A very creative gift idea for the holidays is a name necklace. Get the receiver’s name as a pendant to the necklace or get it inscribed on the necklace. Either way, they’ll have a personal attachment to the necklace which of course is a big plus to you because every time they wear it, they’ll remember the giver and the occasion.

3. Pack of cards

Another creative gift idea for the holiday is a pack of cards showing the things you love about them. If the cards are 50, you inscribe 50 things you love about them on each card. “I love you because you’re kind”, “I love you because you’re adorable”, “I love you because you’re considerate”, and the list goes on and on.

Every flip will draw them close to tears of joy.

We’re now in a society where people find it difficult to express what they feel about other people; they’d rather keep it all inside in order to avoid being taken for granted or getting hurt. This gift will make it different, odd, but wonderfully different.

Everyone knows the holiday season is spending season. There’s a lot to buy – clothes, shoes, jewelries, decorations, gifts, etc. The least of things you need to be doing is breaking the bank to get your loved ones gifts. Get creative, make them happy and save money while at it.