Niacin Can Work Wonders in Treating Digestive Problems

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( — December 22, 2017) Orlando, FL — Digestive problems are often treated through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. However, there are actually some nutrients believed to be as useful as these medications.

Niacin can work wonders in treating digestive problems like abdominal distention or pain, bloating, belching and heart burn. These issues are actually due to the lack of stomach acid called hypochlorhydria, which can be traced to inadequate levels of niacin.

According to health experts, it is needed to have sufficient output of stomach acid to prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the small intestine. This is described as candidiasis and Helicobacter pylori. It is also needed in facilitating the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes.

According to Dr. Jonathan Prousky of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, many of the cases of hypochlorhydria can be traced to an inadequate amount of vitamin B3 or niacin.

Some people have actually been found to have a greater need for this vitamin particularly when they are under stress. If such a need is not met, then certain digestive problems start to develop.

In cases of two patients suffering from abdominal bloating and some other digestion-related issues, their condition significantly improved after the use of niacin. A patient with gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) even achieved complete disappearance of symptoms after starting niacin supplementation.

It has been suggested by Dr. Prousky that those with symptoms of low stomach acid production can achieve improvements in their condition by supplementing with 200-500 mg of niacinamide with every meal.

Individuals with severe cases of betaine hydrochloride may take 500-1000 mg of niacin per meal. It is important to understand that this regimen may actually aid in eradicating Helicobacter pylori infection.

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