Study Reveals Activated Charcoal Could Alleviate Gas and Bloating

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( — December 28, 2017) Orlando, FL — Activated charcoal is believed to be one of the most effective detoxifying ingredients today. This natural remedy is also known to be useful for various medicinal purposes, such as in the treatment of digestive problems.

A study reveals that activated charcoal could alleviate gas and bloating. According to some experts, activated charcoal capsules and tablets may be used in fighting these issues. Charcoal binds with the gas-producing factors in food, and this could offer relief from symptoms of abdominal cramping and bloating.

In a study, the researchers had 99 participants, 30 of which came from the United States and 69 from India. These participants had different dietary habits. The researchers found that compared to the placebo, the activated charcoal group achieved significant relief from symptoms after consuming a gas-producing meal.

Researchers suggest a dose of 500 milligrams activated charcoal for gas and bloating. It should be taken one hour before consuming a gas-producing meal. Consumers are also advised to drink two 8-ounce glasses of water after charcoal intake to allow it to get into the system.

There are treatments for digestive issues such as gas and bloating. However, it is important to remember that these treatments could be expensive and ineffective. There are even those that cause side effects. It would be wise to take into account the use of activated charcoal.

The use of this natural remedy has been associated with various health benefits. It could be used for teeth whitening, water filtration and food poisoning. It is easy to ingest as consumers only need to take activated charcoal capsules.

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