Weight Loss Offers Multiple Health Benefits for Arthritis

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(Newswire.net — January 10, 2018) Orlando, FL — It has long been known that maintaining a healthy weight is essential for individuals who are healthy and also those with health conditions. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital, especially for individuals who suffer from arthritis.

Weight loss offers multiple health benefits for arthritis. Researchers have long been suggesting that losing weight may aid in pain management. There was even a study that found that participants with arthritis were able to experience pain reduction by losing weight.

There have also been arthritis sufferers who claimed they felt better when engaging in exercise regularly and losing weight. It is important to remember that weight loss has also been thought to offer various health benefits.

According to Tim Griffin, PhD, researchers are trying to determine the links between weight, arthritis, and metabolic syndrome, which include risk factors of heart disease. Griffin is a researcher with the Free Radical Biology and Aging Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City.

The data from the Framingham Heart Study, which was published in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease, revealed that painful hand osteoarthritis is associated with events of heart disease, such as heart attack.

Weight management is not just recommended for arthritis pain management, but also in maintaining good heart health.

Rheumatologist Dennis C. Ang, MD, Associated Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Rheumatology and Immunology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, points out the effects of weight loss and sleep.

According to the rheumatologist, once an arthritis sufferer engages in a healthy exercise program, it may help enhance the sleep pattern. This may be extremely helpful to arthritis sufferers, considering that many of them are unable to sleep due to pain and other symptoms.

In the Rheumatology Journal, it was revealed that musculoskeletal pain has the ability to interfere with sleep and may lead to insomnia over the years.

Weight loss has been found to offer a variety of health benefits, especially for those with arthritis. It may be best for sufferers to turn to measures that can improve their pain and overall quality of life.

Using joint health-enhancing natural alternatives such as glucosamine may also be an excellent option. Glucosamine is widely thought to be a safer alternative to certain pain relievers, which may cause side effects.

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