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Worlds without number, welcome to the birth of Myopic Studios!

( — January 1, 2018) Round Rock, TX — Myopic Studios is a collective of gamers, artists, writers, and designers who want to bring compelling game worlds to your tabletop. With their first board game Proxy, launching Q1 2018 through Kickstarter,

Myopic Studios creates a unique combination of dungeon crawl, deck builder, and action game – for up to four players.

Welcome to Achades. A distant and broken world where no adventurer travels alone.In Proxy, you lead a Cohort of characters (cards) through dynamically generated dungeons to claim arcane treasures and defeat hideous beasts.

Competing against the player Cohort(s) is the Game Master, who fills each room with monsters, traps, and ancient technology in an attempt to stop players with their trickery and cunning.

With bright, stylized art and unique races and classes, this is the first of many worlds in our line of upcoming game projects. Achades harkens back to the days of early magitech fantasies like Final Fantasy or Shadowrun. In the game world, players will build a Cohort of four unique characters to lead into the darkest dungeons to loot and plunder.

What will your legend be?

Number of Players: 2-4
Time Required: 60 min
Recommended Ages: 13+

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About Myopic Studios

We are Artists and Writers, Businessmen, Designers, and PR Professionals who’ve come together to build something new. Our games will span across multiple titles and platforms to form an engrossing, multifaceted universe that can serve as the backdrop for any story or experience.

Myopic Studios

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