Low-Pressure Valentine’s Day Gifts

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(Newswire.net — January 2, 2018) — Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that comes with a tremendous amount of built-in pressure. It’s like Christmas in that regard, except with the expected romance dialed up to 11. In the jewelry commercials, the men giving women fancy rings and necklaces always seem to know exactly what they want without ever asking. In reality, that’s not usually the case. We seem to have this idea that asking kills the romance, but it really doesn’t. After all, what’s more romantic than good communication? We can’t have good relationships without the ability to listen well, after all. Whether you’re looking for jewelry or something else, there are ways to reduce the pressure and just enjoy the holiday for what it is.

Get a nice bottle of wine

We’re not college kids anymore; there’s no sense in getting so drunk that we throw up and get a hangover. Actually, there may not have ever been any sense in that, but it was certainly a popular enough activity in college. As an adult in a long-term, committed relationship, you’re more likely to have a discerning palate when it comes to alcoholic beverages. For many people, that means a good bottle of wine goes a long way towards making the night romantic. If you’re in Mercer County, New Jersey, head down to a Lawrenceville liquor shop and ask for wine recommendations. Whether it’s dry or sweet, red or white, knowledgeable liquor store employees are critical to ensuring you leave with the perfect bottle of wine. You may even want to grab some hard cider and craft beer while you’re there. Just remember the old saying: liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Being pleasantly tipsy is conducive to a fun night with your sweetheart, but being blackout drunk isn’t conducive to much of anything.

Get the right kind of jewelry

Jewelry is considered a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but that just means a lot of people get their expectations up, only to be let down. The best way to avoid that is to talk to your significant other and see what he or she wants. Some people like diamonds, sure, but not all of them. Some women prefer sapphires or rubies, and there are also folks who get nervous if they’re wearing gaudy jewelry because they fear it makes them a target. So talk to your sweetheart.  She (or he!) can even show you examples of something she might like, and you can take those with you when you head to the jewelry shop. It’s way less stressful that way.

And what shop should you go to? We get bombarded with ads from national retailers from November through February, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option. Locally-owned jewelry shops can often give you better deals, and they’ll almost always give you better service. They have plenty of selection as well. If you’re still doubtful, go to a place like Bromberg’s, near Birmingham, Alabama. Locally-owned stores spend more time focused on providing quality merchandise and good customer service. They don’t have to worry constantly about pleasing corporate overlords. Less pressure on them means less pressure on you, and that’s a win all-around.