Bomb Cyclone Hits East Coast in Full-Force

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( — January 4, 2018) Woodbridge, VA — Brace yourself, East Coasters, a bomb cyclone is headed your way. Bomb cyclone is social media speak for bombogenesis, when an area of low pressure in the mid-latitudes drops more than 24 metric units of pressure in 24 hours. This rapid drop in pressure can create brutal hurricane-force gales. More than 40 million people in 15 states from Florida to Maine are under a winter warning, watch or advisory due to these weather conditions.

States across the U.S. are experiencing polar vortexes with thermometers dipping to the single digits and even sub-zero temperatures. There have been at least 17 cold-related deaths in several states since Tuesday.

Southern states are seeing record-breaking snowfalls. Tallahassee, Florida, recorded measurable amounts of snow for the first time in 28 years. Charleston, South Carolina, is forecast to get 4 inches of snow, which would be the city’s largest snowfall in 28 years.

With the frigid conditions and snow predictions in mind, officials are encouraging drivers to stay off the roads, and stay home. Several governors have even declared a state of emergency, including Terry McAuliffe of Virginia: “With this forecast in mind, all Virginians should take the necessary precautions now to ensure they are prepared for the travel disruptions, power outages and other threats to health and safety that could arise during this significant weather event.”

The National Weather Service has issued these 5 key updates:

1. Freezing rain and sleet have transitioned to all snow over South Carolina. Snowfall will increase northward into portions of the
Mid-Atlantic and northern New England through tonight. Blizzard conditions are possible over eastern Long Island and portions of coastal New England, and also near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads.

2. Confidence in accumulating snowfall has increased for parts of the Northeast as the surface low is expected to track closer to the coast and intensify rapidly.

3. This system has the potential to produce strong, damaging winds possibly resulting in downed trees and/or power outages.

4. Minor to major coastal flooding/erosion is possible due to a combination of high tides and wave action, especially Thursday afternoon, January 4.

5. Warnings are in effect from southeast Georgia northward through eastern New England, which means hazardous conditions are expected in the next 24-36 hours. It is important to be prepared in the event of a weather emergency, so that you and your family can ride it out safely. Before the power goes out, stock up your pantry and emergency supply kit. Have one gallon of water per person per day, for a minimum of three days, as well as plenty of dried or canned foods. Basic necessities that everyone should have on hand, include a first aid kit, flashlight, battery powered radio, batteries, wet wipes, a can opener and a fire extinguisher.

If you cannot avoid driving, make sure your car is fully stocked with emergency items. An emergency supply kit in a car should include: a cellphone charger, ice scraper, first aid kit, jumper cables, spare tire, flares, sand or kitty litter, snow shovel, flashlight, a warm blanket or emergency thermal blanket, water, and healthy snacks.

Stay safe and stay warm, friends.

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